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Welcome to the MAPP alumni website.

For MAPPsters

Now that the Fete and Summit are finished for 2018, it's time to put next years events on your calendar.  In the MAPP 2019 calendar, the third MAPP onsite is scheduled for October 25 through October 27.  That is likely to be the weekend of the Fete and Summit, so pencil in the dates.  

Check here for the slides for the 2018 Summit. You have to log in to see them. Please do not share without asking permission from the speaker.

For the Public

There are now more than 500 MAPP graduates from the University of Pennsylvania program.  They live around the world, and they pursue a wide range of applications of positive psychology.  We invite you to browse our Directory to find people whose expertise may serve your application needs and who may be in your geographical location.

The MAPP Alumni association has at least 10 webinars per year by researchers in the positive psychology field. We invite you to join us learning from these experts.  To subscribe to an annual series plus access to more than 40 recordings for a modest price, click here.

Upcoming webinars can be found here.  There is one more webinar in 2018, and the 2019 program has not yet been announced.

Here you can learn about a growing community of positive psychology practitioners

who earned a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania studying the science of human flourishing.

Perhaps someone in this community could help you increase well-being and engagement in your workplace, bring resilience practices to your schools, coach you through a major life transition, or help you build stronger relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Our site will introduce you to MAPP alumni and their current work.

Members of this community have written outstanding books, blogs, and articles on many aspects of human flourishing.

Are you looking for coaches to work with executives or individuals to enhance performance?  For help with writing projects to make a mark on the world? For someone with experience helping organizations work collaboratively toward important goals? For someone who has helped school districts build on the strengths of teachers, parents, and students? For someone who can help with major life challenges such as dealing with new babies or aging parents? All of these levels of expertise exist in our community.

We are friendly, kind, and encouraging towards anybody who shares our commitment to increase human flourishing around the world. Our collective goal is to see 51% of the world population flourishing by 2051.

We contribute to this goal by practicing positive psychology in schools, corporations, healthcare organizations, universities, and the media. We write books and articles about evidence-based approaches that work. We teach courses and give lectures on the science of positive psychology at all educational levels.

We do this all over the world. We have graduates in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Canada, Mexico, the US, Europe, and Africa. MAPP alumni are proud to be an international and diverse community.

There is something intangible that the MAPP alumni have. We call it “MAPP magic.” It is a deep sense of love, kindness, and shared purpose that we experience when we go through the MAPP program at UPENN. One of our goals is to keep the MAPP magic alive and share it with others throughout the world. We cannot wait to share our passion about positive psychology with you! 

With love, The MAPP alumni

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Banner Credits:  Most of the new images added to the banner were taken in October 2017 by Stephanie Ramones of Contigo Photography and Film.

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