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Strategies to Thrive in Uncertain Times

The MAPP Alumni Association is pleased to offer free webinars to the world to help manage your well-being during this time of the coronavirus, covid-19. Our live series has ended and you can access any of the recordings on YouTube using the links below. The playlist is available here: YouTube Strategies to Thrive playlist


Want to see all of the recordings? Check out the YouTube Strategies to Thrive Playlist

How to Successfully Work from Home: Optimizing Work and Well-Being - by Sharon Danzger (LinkedIn, Control Chaos) - This webinar will cover a variety of strategies to reduce distractions, stay productive, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Topics covered include structure, routines, boundaries, connection, engagement, and well-being. There will be time for Q&A to address specific situations and challenges. (Available on YouTube.)  

Presencing - by Otto Dreissen (Live Only Twice) - This webinar will focus on our much-needed capacity to stay mindful of how and where to focus our attention in these both positively and negatively turbulent times. Despite many already claiming to know how to proceed, I propose we adopt a humble attitude to create deeper, richer, and more positive change by being diligent about where we focus our attention – observing, sensing, and reflecting [besides, of course, taking care of our own and others' health & well-being]. (YouTube)   

Using Virtual Meetings as Means of Connection - by Sydney Kastner (website) - Learn how you can use virtual meetings as.a tool to increase well-being through connection (easily and without detracting from the goals of your meeting). (YouTube ) 

Three Things You Can Do NOW for More Bravery - by Senia Maymin (SVChange) How can you be braver now? Today? These days? After this webinar, you will have three new tools to call on to create greater bravery for yourself. (YouTube)  

Balancing Grit and Grace in Chaotic Times - by LeeAnn Mallorie (Guts and Grace, LinkedIn) - In times of chaos, our instinctive first move is to rely on our most practiced strengths. But, as Aristotle's concept of phronesis suggests, true mastery involves taking the right action, in the right situation, at the right time. By learning to listen to the wisdom of our bodies, we can get better at this delicate balancing act – especially under pressure. (YouTube)

The Cycle of Renewal: The Virtues of the Doldrums - by Karen Warner (tangiblegroup.com) - Based on an evidenced-based model of how we do change, the Cycle of Renewal shows that change enters 4 phases, one of which is Doldrums. How can we embrace the times and leverage them for transformation? (YouTube)

Stress Less & Feel Better with Positive Psychosomatics - by Nick Ritchey (LinkedIn) - Feeling cooped up, stressed out and afraid of gaining 20 pounds during your quarantine? Get Nick's most powerful positive psychosomatic tips for stressing less, staying lean and feeling better than ever during these special circumstances.(YouTube)

The Glass Half Full - by Priyamvada Dalmia (LinkedIn profile) - Uncertain times put us on the defensive. But we equally need to practice gratitude and strength as times like this. Let's turn our focus to looking at the glass half full, embracing change, and taking charge. (YouTube)

Make Music Matter - Using Music as a Tool for Stressful Times - by Jaime Booth Jenkins (LinkedIn) -  A brief tool created by the Team at Make Music Matter will be presented along with a walkthrough and discussion on how and why music is something that we can all rely on in difficult times (YouTube)

5 easy tips on avoiding shockingly common online presentation mistakes - by Conrad MacalaladWhat you don’t know about presenting online can make the most amazing professional look like an amateur. I’ll share practical and easy to implement tips on the technical aspects of presenting online (camera angles, lighting, sound, PowerPoint) based on what I’ve learned teaching over 4000 students online in the past 12 years (YouTube).

The Pathology of Loneliness - by Dr Kathi NormanLoneliness has been labeled as a rising cause of morbidity in The world. In the time of Covid, we need to be very clear about how to socialize and remain psychologically healthy. This webinar Will discuss the pathology loneliness and share ideas in how to survive COVID 19 isolation (YouTube).

Soaringwords SOARING into Strength. Discover and Amplify Your Unique Strengths - by Lisa Buksbaum (website) - In these times of social distancing, your Character Strengths are superpowers that will connect you to the best parts of yourself and others. Immersive exercises will be led by Lisa Buksbaum, CEO & Founder, Soaringwords and special guest expert Dr. Ryan Niemiec, Education Dir. VIA Institute on Character. You'll learn you how to strengths-spot in others; amplify your signature strengths; and create a SoaringSuperhero based on your strengths to donate to a hospitalized child. (YouTube)

Communication that increases calm, clarity and confidence in your leadership - by Christine Duvivier (website) - As a leader, you’ve navigated constant daily change and you’ve helped your people to make the changes needed, including working remotely… yet you still don’t have the support or tools you should have to offer clear messaging that creates cohesion and reduces stress. Join us and discover three practices of exceptional leaders. These are practices that make it easy for you to skillfully communicate in real-time with employees, customers, families, and decision makers even if you are in the midst of stress and uncertainty. (YouTube)

Soaringwords SOARING into Strength: Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver - by Lisa Buksbaum (website) - This workshop explores powerful Positive Psychology exercises including The Law of the Oxygen Mask; Soothing All Your Senses; Using Positive Rituals to Create Boundaries and Downtime; Circles of Support; and Energy Breaks. You'll leave remembering how to experience joy, laughter, meaning, and purpose, even in the midst of challenges and loss. (YouTube link coming)

Interview with Dr. Martin Seligman - INTERVIEWER: Senia Maymin, CEO, Silicon Valley Change Executive Coaching (website) - Commonly known as the founder of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman is a leading authority in the fields of Positive Psychology, resilience, learned helplessness, depression, optimism and pessimism. He is also a recognized authority on interventions that prevent depression, and build strengths and well-being. He has written more than 250 scholarly publications and 20 books. (YouTube)

Creating Family Wealth Using Positive Psychology - by Tom CalkusicTrue wealth is having an abundance of what is truly important in your life and it is accomplished interdependently. In times like today using positive interventions and cultivating financial resilience will help you and the people you love thrive beyond adversity (YouTube).

How To Stay Engaged, Energized & Well At Work - by Michelle McQuaid (websitePERMAH survey) - Discover how to live well despite struggle during these unprecedented times of uncertainty and disruption. We’ll show you how to create tiny daily habits that they want to and are able to stick using Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH wellbeing framework (YouTube).

Design Your Days: Habits, Practices, and Rituals to Enrich Time at Home- by Jan Stanley (LinkedIn) - What habits, practices, and rituals might make following Stay-at-Home orders easier, more comforting, more meaningful? This webinar helps you design purposeful activities to aim for as you navigate these large, temporary life changes. Who knows? Maybe some will stick long afterwards! (YouTube)

Finding the Goodness in Everyday - by John "Sean" Doyle (website) - With so many day-to-day challenges and fears, it is easy to lose track of (i) the things we can control, and (ii) what is right with the world. By recognizing both what we can do, and the good that really is around us, we can regain our center and navigate these difficult times with beauty and grace. (YouTube)

Jumping into the unknown: lessons from improv to help us thrive - by Jordana Cole (LinkedIn) - If you are feeling like you are wading in the unknown, you are not alone. There is no guidebook for how to handle a pandemic like this and we are all figuring it out together. The good news is that there's some tips on how to to be your best self, while enhancing your communication, collaboration, and connection during this time. Learn some core lessons at the intersection of positive psychology and improv comedy - a craft built on making things up on the spot. You'll walk away with tips and techniques you can take to your daily life to help you (and others) navigate these uncharted waters (YouTube) .

Mindfulness: Staying Calm in a Crazy World - by Pamela Hernandez (The Right ReflectionFacebookLinkedIn) - Having trouble turning your brain off at 2am and not thinking catastrophic thoughts? This webinar will provide practical strategies to quiet your mind, your body and your emotions in these chaotic times. (YouTube)

Bounce Back Better: A Comprehensive & Systematic Approach -  by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya (The Flourishing Center) - Humans are naturally resilient. Bones heal stronger after a fracture. Tears create scar tissue for added protection. However, the life and death physical resilience nature wired us for is not enough to deal with the crisis we're facing. Join to learn Emiliya Zhivotovskaya's Bounce Back Better® Resilience System to understand the mental, emotional, physical and social skills we need to not just bounce back from these uncertain times, but bounce back better. (YouTube

Virtual Empowerment - by Andrew Soren (LinkedIn) - At the best of times, organizations striving to create high performance often look to the empowerment of employees in hopes of increasing innovation, engagement, customer experience and financial results. In the context of our global pandemic, when the world of work has changed so dramatically, helping our teams feel empowered is now perhaps more important than ever. This talk applies more than three decades of empirical research empowerment. It explores what psychological empowerment is, and how to build it within organizations - even virtually (YouTube).

Soaringwords SOARING into Strength: Resilience to Build Coping Skills - by Lisa Buksbaum (website) - Everyone experiences burn-out, stress and exhaustion. These times demand tremendous resilience and grit. Special guest expert Dr. Angela Duckworth, best-selling author or Grit the Power of Passion and Perseverance. Often habitual ways of thinking sabotage us. This workshop teaches you Positive Psychology tools such as The ABC Model to learn to recognize and avoid thinking traps; The Three Enemies of Resilience; and Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation to help you accomplish Difficult Goals (YouTube).

PRACTICAL TIPS: Building Your Marriage & COVID-19 - by Yosef Lynn (LinkedInNot A Partnership) This webinar will focus on giving VERY practical tips to help your marriage (or significant relationship) not just survive, but thrive, during this difficult and trying time (webinar slides, YouTube).

Soaringwords SOARING into Strength: Gratitude - by Lisa Buksbaum (website) - Gratitude is considered the greatest of all virtues and the foundation of the positive emotions. Recognizing, experiencing, and expressing gratitude is considered one of the most essential Positive Psychology techniques. In these times of social distancing, you'll learn how to master the pro-social benefits of Gratitude Journaling; the Gratitude Letter; and a Gratitude Walk to enhance your personal well-being and strengthen your relationships during this challenging time. Special guest expert Dr. Dan Tomasulo will model how to do a Gratitude Visit (YouTube).

Powerful-or-Powerless: Building Life Muscles in the time of COVID-19....and beyond -by Keith Gornish (no video available as it was a discussion group)

Softening The Stance Towards Self: Supporting Yourself When You Need You The Most - by Amy O'Sullivan (LinkedIn) - In times of uncertainty, chaos, or demanding life events, our negativity bias and self-criticism is exacerbated. Our human reaction is not always the most helpful, comforting, or productive solution. This webinar will explore the research and practice of self-compassion, offering an alternative, nurturing approach to best support oneself and others during this time (YouTube).

Real-time Resilience: Coping During COVID-19 - by Lucy Hone and Denise Quinlan (New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience) - Such challenging times require us all to consider how our thoughts and actions might help or hinder our own resilience and that of those around us. The NZ Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience has worked with organisations and communities to help them navigate tough times for over a decade. Based on the best of science, our strategies are always practical and applicable for real-world application. Join us to find what works (YouTube).

Lyrics and Well-being: Intentionally creating playlists for yourself and for others - by Tricia Fox Ransom (websiteLinkedIn) - Tricia will walk you through the process of intentionally curating 3 playlists to support wellbeing using concepts from positive psychology. Playlists for self, family, and friends in the 60+ community (YouTube).

Optimizing relationships while sheltering in place - by John Hollway (website) - Even the best relationships can fray under uncertain and unsettling circumstances. See how the VIA Character Strengths and small changes in our communications with our loved ones can improve our moods while we shelter in place (YouTube).

PEP in the War on Covid-19 - Fitness Matters - by Elaine O'Brien (LinkedIn) - Beyond resilience, proactive fitness, the neurobiology of combining cognitive and physical demands, matters. PEP: Positive Exercise Practices are mini mindful movement practices based on Fitness Science, Positive Psychology and Sport/Exercise Medicine, offering a positive inoculation over communicable and non-communicable diseases. Boost your vitality, your immune system, lessen distress, and lighten your load adding moments of PEP in your day (YouTube).

Getting more physical activity while stuck inside - by Lisle Baker (website) - Law professors like me spend lots of time sitting at a desk, even more so now. I worked with a fitness professional to help me get more physical activity into my day without a gym or special equipment. The result is an article we published with the American Bar Association: R. Lisle Baker and Anthony Colesano, Becoming More Physically Active in a Busy Professional Life, LAW PRACTICE TODAY (January 15, 2020). I am no expert, but I can explain what I have been taught (and invite you to try it with me), and perhaps it will be helpful (YouTube).

True colors: Appreciating the unnoticed beauty - by Carl Chung (LinkedInwebsite) - Appreciation of beauty seems to be a natural ability that we are born with. However, it requires extra effort during this turbulent time. Explore what can be done for you and your children to discover and appreciate the beauty of humanity amidst pandemic fear (YouTube).

It takes one resilient soul - by Noof Aljneibi (LinkedIn) - During these tough times, we will go over the concept of resilience and understand its pillars in-depth, while packing all of the presented information with research. Most importantly teach attendees that having a resilient mindset is all about learning skills "YES they are teachable", we hope that attendees will be aspired to share the knowledge with others and help their communities to be more resilient (YouTube).

Worry to Wisdom - by Jill Bell (LinkedIn) In this unique time in history where the world's rug and the illusion of safety have been pulled out from us all, there's much we can learn from ancient philosophy combined with the modern science of positive psychology. This webinar will offer some concrete strategies for moving from a state of worry, fear, and anxiety to a state of calm, acceptance and positive action using practical wisdom as our guide (YouTube).

Resilient Grieving: Coping with Challenge, Loss and Change. Lessons from academia and life - by Lucy Hone (New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience,  The three secrets of resilient people | TEDxChristchurch) - For the last decade I have studied resilience: first in theory at UPenn, then later to PhD level; then professionally through a series of earthquakes that devastated my home town in 2011-2013; then personally, when faced with the tragic death in a car accident of my 12 year old daughter. Join me to hear what I've learned about navigating tough times and the practical strategies that have supported me (and now thousands of others) through life's darkest days (YouTube).

Caring for Caregivers -  by Lara Kallander (website) - During times of a health crisis, the focus is usually on the patient, and rightly so. However, caretakers have an integral role in helping their loved ones recover. Steps to ensure the caretaker has good well-being can help them and their loved ones to thrive (YouTube).

A Dose of Positivity - by Margaret Greenberg (Profit from the PositiveGreenberg GroupDose of Positivity) -Covid-19 is spreading not only fear and disease around the globe, but negative emotions. We could all use a dose of positivity these days. Learn 3 actionable tools from the bestselling book, PROFIT FROM THE POSITIVE, that will help you not just survive this pandemic, but thrive in the face of it (YouTube).

5 tips to come from a position of strength during challenging times - by Faisal Khan (websiteLinkedIn) - During challenging times it's easy to get dragged down by negativity and find oneself in a compromised situation. Learn at least 5 ways the science of well-being informs us about how to come from a position of strength during times of challenge and ill-being (YouTube).

Character strengths to ignite positivity and strengthen resilience - by Carolyn Biondi (LinkedInInstagram) - In this webinar, we will review the 24 character strengths and how they can help you survive and even thrive in challenging times. We'll explore daily practices and journal prompts that can build positive emotion and bolster your will to carry on through hard days. Focus on what is good and right and mobilize your strengths to make the most of today and create a bright future! (YouTube)

Finding the Silver Lining: Building Skills in Receiving and Processing Feedback - by Mary Beth Rettger (LinkedIn) - Feedback helps us learn and grow, but sometimes we aren't as open to it as we would like to be. This webinar will help you understand why feedback is important and why it's sometimes hard to hear. You'll leave with a few different techniques to try to help you work with feedback in the future (YouTube).

Mattering in Today's Environment - by Rebecca Lamperski (LinkedIn) - and special guests Isaac Prilleltensky and Julie HaizlipAs human beings, we want to matter. We want to feel valued, and we want to add value.This Webinar will cover the definition and the importance of mattering as well as strategies to nurture and grow mattering in your life and in the lives of others (YouTube).

Acting "As If": How Acting Can Help You Increase Your Well-Being - by Shannon Polly (websiteLinkedIn) - Research shows that changing your posture makes you more confident and more successful in high stress situations. Shannon will address this by focusing on the external aspects of well-being and presence: posture (standing and seated), breathing, voice, eye contact, gestures, movement, and posture. To focus on the internal aspects of presence she will take participants through a process to discover their “super-objective”. In acting, this is the through line of the character, the over-riding urge or drive or need that motivates every one of the character’s actions. To affect other people, and thus to affect change in your own life, you need verbs, action words, to lead to change. Shannon will share parts of the book she co-edited, Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life and how to use these techniques to increase your well-being in this challenging time (YouTube).

Positive Altruism - by Anna Irani (LinkedIn) - This webinar explores altruism, which is behavior motivated by the unselfish goal of helping others. Positive altruism occurs when altruistic behavior increases the welfare of both the benefactor and beneficiary. Research suggests that the source of altruism is empathy, which is an other-focused emotional response that is elicited by and congruent with the perceived welfare of another person. Research supports the link between altruistic behavior and increased health and well-being. Altruistic behavior can also facilitate post-traumatic growth (PTG) (YouTube)

Mighty Questions to Ask Yourself and Others During These Times -  by Leora Rifkin (LinkedIn) - If you’re feeling like most conversations you’re having these days leads to a downward spiral of negativity, you’re not alone. It’s important to emotionally process what’s happening, while maintaining perspective. Join a conversation that poses generative questions that we can ask ourselves and others to help process the pandemic and imagine our post Covid-19 world (YouTube)

Grief and Gratitude: Facing Small Pains and Enhancing Small Joys - by Rephael Houston - Practices of grief and gratitude both acknowledge what is good: the good that is gone, and the good that remains. Blending gratitude and grief practices, I will show how we can hold space for what we often consider to be minor upsets and joys (YouTube).

QuaranTEAM: Building Your Relationship in Difficult Times -  by Lorrie Peniston (website) - From a resilience perspective, difficult times can be an opportunity. As individuals, our mindset about navigating rapidly changing and adverse circumstances will have an impact on our resilience and well-being. For those that are riding the waves of uncertainty with a significant other, “shelter in place” creates challenges and opportunities to coalesce toward a common goal, discover our combined agency, enhance and strengthen our relationship. The time to build your TEAM is now (YouTube).

It’s Okay to Not be Okay…. During a Worldwide Pandemic! Part 1 - by AJ Adams (LinkedIn) - Perhaps you’re a parent who’s struggling to keep up with the demands of work and homeschooling. Or single and wondering how the rent will be paid. Maybe instead, you're like me -- on the edge of your seat about every trip your parents take to the grocery store. No matter the cause for your concerns, it’s okay to not be okay. In this webinar, the first of a 2-part series, you will learn simple, science-based mindfulness techniques to better manage anxiety and stress – so you can short-circuit your knee-jerk reactions and instead calmly respond to life’s challenges (YouTube).

Developing Greater Spiritual Health through the Practice of Character Strengths -  by Sari Wilson (LinkedIn) & Kathryn Wessling (LinkedIn) - How to integrate your spiritual practices with the VIA character strengths. We will use a 500+ year old Christian prayer based on the teachings of St. Ignatius, called the EXAMEN as an example of how to link spirituality with the science of character and virtue. This session is experiential and no prior experience is necessary (YouTube).

Mind Over Matter - by Katie Wittekind (Habit DesignerLinkedIn) - One factor to resiliency is our mindset. Learn about the common thinking traps that lead to suffering. You will learn how to identify thinking traps and how to overcome them! (YouTube)

The Buoyant Job Seeker: Staying Afloat While Navigating a Job Search and a Pandemic - by Kerry Sanderson (LinkedIn) - Searching for a job can be challenging in the best of times, but add a global pandemic and it can seem overwhelming! Take a deep breath and join us to discover evidence-based practices to build hope, motivation and resilience to keep you moving toward fulfilling employment (YouTube).

Thriving Through Change: How Appreciative Inquiry Can Help You Thrive During a Pandemic - by Shannon Polly (websiteLinkedIn) - This change management workshop is a new and innovative approach to change that turns traditional change management on its head. Participants will learn the neuroscience of change, the science of resilience, and a change process that helps influence others and create a new vision for their organization or group or individually (YouTube).

How to Cultivate Compassionate Grit In Our Time of Challenge - by Caroline Adams Miller (website) - Authentic grit is the "good" grit that we're seeing in the news daily in descriptions of doctors, nurses and first responders who are working heroically to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. But for most people, it's the development and understanding of "compassionate grit" that can make or break how we respond to our upended lives. This once-in-a-century grit will change our culture and expectations in positive ways if we can create the right conditions for it to flourish, so come learn about this character strength and why it matters so much right now (YouTube).

Intro to Positive Psych: A Well-Being Framework to Build Resilience in the Time of COVID-19 - by Cecilie Løvestam (LinkedInwebsite) - This presentation will give an introduction to positive psychology with a focus on well-being and resilience in the time of COVID-19. Participants leave with tangible ways to increase their well-being and build their resilience while quarantining and social distancing (YouTube).

Leading Engaged and Thriving Remote Teams - by Erica Mohr and Gretchen Pisano (LinkedIn) - CEO of pLink Leadership, Gretchen Pisano MAPP '10, has been leading remote teams for two decades. In this conversation with her newest hire, Erica Mohr MAPP '18, she will share her wisdom and practical tips for how to lead a totally virtual team (YouTube).

Applied Poetics: Arts and Humanities in times of Crisis - by John "Sean" Doyle (website) - Poetry, Literature and Art can remind us about the best of humankind. In this easy, causal webinar, we'll explore the beauty of being human through the arts (YouTube).

Personal Sunshine: How to cultivate positive emotions in difficult times - by Laura TaylorSometimes, it is helpful to be our own source of sunshine. During this interactive workshop, we will identify ways to attend to, cultivate, and savor positive emotions. Please be sure you have 3 pieces of paper and something to write with when you join (YouTube).

Know Thyself and Thrive: Effective Strategies to Enhance Well-being Through Greater Self-awareness - by Yashi Srivastava (LinkedIn) - While it may seem obvious that self-awareness is important for well-being, research on the topic indicates that our usual methods to become self-aware are not necessarily the most effective. In this webinar, you will learn practical, evidence-based strategies to enhance your self-awareness. You will also walk away with tips on how to use this knowledge to increase your well-being (YouTube).

Quarantined Parent Quick Guide To Effective Homeschooling - by Conrad Macalad (Potentia Prep) - Learn the absolute essentials of keeping your elementary and high school kids motivated with schoolwork without nagging or fighting. You’ll walk away with practical tools and strategies you can implement immediately to get them more productive and less distracted. More reading, writing, and arithmetic. Less Netflix, YouTube, and video games (YouTube).

Do You Want to Create a Flourishing Team Culture? - by Louis Alloro (website) - This webinar will combine Edgar Schein's theory of organizational culture with Martin Seligman's theory of human flourishing. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of what it takes to create a flourishing culture for their teams (YouTube).

Digital Minimalism: Strategies for Mindful Tech - by Stephanie Shear (LinkedIn) - Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning? Do your eyes hurt from staring at screens all day long? Now more than ever, technology and screens connect us (thank goodness!); however, they can get in the way of interpersonal relationships and our relationship to self. Learn tips and tricks to help analyze your habits and relationship to technology (YouTube). 

Surmounting Public Health Threats: Loving Bodies and Strong, Able, Beautiful Minds - by Elaine O'Brien (LinkedIn) - What are the steps we can take to improve our personal and public health as a priority? Come join in and be open to ways we can improve our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Applications, research, and theories from Positive Movement Psychology, Fitness Science, and Appreciative Practices will be presented (YouTube).

It’s Okay to Not be Okay…. During a Worldwide Pandemic! Part 2 - by AJ Adams (LinkedIn) - Have you been Netflixing more than normal? Or maybe you’ve found comfort in Priming, wining or dining? Not you? Well, perhaps instead you’ve been working way more than you used to…. and, if honest with yourself, way more than you need to? With everything that’s going on in today’s world, it’s normal to for us to try to “distract” ourselves from this harsh reality. But avoidance can come at a high cost. In this webinar, you will learn a research-backed technique on how to mindfully approach and accept difficult emotions -- equipping you to manage your inner mayhem and combat the outer chaos (YouTube).

Can we really grow from this? Exploring the possibility for post-traumatic growth through serene gratitude - by Courtney Daly (LinkedIn) - Right now, many people around the world are experiencing grief and trauma due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar I will acknowledge the nature of trauma and will talk about the relationship between post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth. I will present post-traumatic growth as a possibility, using the positive emotion of serene gratitude as a catalyst for growth (YouTube).

10 Keys to Happier Living in Challenging Times - by Vanessa King (LinkedInAction for Happiness) - In this session we'll explore how the evidence-based 10 Keys to Happier Living framework (developed for social movement Action for Happiness) can apply in times of difficulty to help us cope and enable resilience (YouTube).

Resilience: 10 Ways to Manage Life's Stormy Weather (for Parents and Kids) - by Sherri Fisher (LinkedIn, Learn and Flourish) - Resilience is both a human capacity (You've got this!) and a learnable skill. In this webinar for parents you will learn real-time resilience for our challenging times. Discover what really causes (emotional) stormy weather in your family. Uncover 5 stories that fuel emotion storms. Retell these stories to help kids and parents ride out emotional storms and manage the weather. (YouTube)

Cultivating Connection: Understanding the Conditions to Build Meaningful Community - by Anna Lucas (LinkedIn) - As we contemplate the design of our lives post-COVID-19, each of us possesses the ability to intentionally place human connection at the center, so we may harness the power of community to create a better world for us all. In this webinar, Anna will share her recipe for Authentic Human Connection (AHC), explain the way AHC shows up within different levels of community, and provide three take-a-way strategies to strengthen the connection we feel within our lives, starting today! (YouTube)


FlexCLub: Science-Based Practices to Work Well Remotely

Working remotely can be novel at first, but as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, mounting frustrations, isolation, and lack of stimulation can take a toll on your personal and business life. Add to that the fact that business experts say that working from home will remain a growing phenomenon even after this current crisis has passed. The good news is, that by using the science of Applied Positive Psychology, you can arm yourself with the tools necessary to safeguard your wellbeing, increase your job performance and help bring balance to your life.

Join us for this free webinar as Jenny C. Brennan, an internationally recognized practitioner in the science of applied positive psychology teaches you four science-based interventions designed to help you; 1) use your strengths to increase engagement, 2) build confidence in your ability to rise to challenges, 3) strengthen relationships with coworkers despite physical distancing and 4) learn how to successfully "unplug" to preserve some distinction between your work and your personal life.

Jenny C. Brennan, MAPP, is the Director of Year-Round Programming for the International Positive Psychology Association and founder of the consulting group, Ardent Wellbeing, LLC.

YouTube link 

Cultivating Meaning & Purpose During the Global Pandemic

“Am I essential?” “What do I contribute to the world?” “What really matters to me?”

If the global pandemic has you reflecting on one or all of these questions, then it’s time for you to prioritize your relationship with meaning and purpose. In this webinar, Rotem Elinav will teach you what meaning and purpose are, why they’re important now more than ever, and how you can apply the science of positive psychology to cultivate both.

Rotem Elinav, MAPP (LinkedInwebsite) is the Founder, The Purpose Lab and a Positive Developmental Psychology PhD Student at Claremont Graduate University.

YouTube link 


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