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Who are MAPP Graduates?

MAPP Graduates attended the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at the University of Pennsylvania.  All were drawn to the study of positive psychology by the strong belief that enough is now known about human well-being that it is time to take action to better the human condition.  In one way or another, all are working toward Martin Seligman's Flourish '51 challenge:
The world is turning from a victimology, apology-oriented view of human nature ... to aspirations about well-being and about flourishing," he said in a talk at APA's 2011 Annual Convention. "It's in our hands not only to witness this, but to take part in making this happen."
"With this in mind, I now articulate the long mission for positive psychology.  By the year 2051, 51 percent of the people of the world will be flourishing."  Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being, p. 240

Many MAPP students had Christopher Peterson as an instructor. He had a three word description of positive psychology: "Other people matter."

Other than sharing some fundamental beliefs, MAPP graduates are highly varied. They come from every continent. Some entered MAPP right after completing undergraduate degrees, others after many years in established careers. Some are interested in helping children and parents, others in helping people in old age, others in helping businesses become positive organizations, others in helping soldiers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, or entrepreneurs become more resilient, hopeful, and productive.

You can use this site to search for MAPP graduates who might be able to help you or your organization move closer to flourishing. Use the filters on the top of the full MAPP Directory page to find MAPP graduates near you or interested in topics that matter to you. Use the MAPP book page to find books written by MAPP graduates, many involving direct applications of positive psychology topics. Read articles written by MAPP graduates for Positive Psychology News Daily, or search for their capstone projects.


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