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MAPP Alumni Public Directory

Many graduates of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program have chosen to be featured in our public directory because they serve the goal of increasing the level of human flourishing in the world. They do this as speakers, authors, teachers, consultants, coaches, therapists, and a variety of other roles.  Therefore they want to be found by people who could benefit from their services. (See also the Books by Members and Blogs by Members pages.) As part of earning their degrees, MAPP students have written capstones about applications of positive psychology to many aspects of daily life, as shown in this list of capstone abstracts.  Many of the capstone papers are available from Penn's Scholarly Commons

If you have an interest in finding a MAPP graduate for a particular purpose, you can either browse through the entire list looking for people who are close by and/or have interests that match yours, or you can use the filters at the top to limit the search by selecting a particular geography, interest, and/or skill.  The MAPP year filter allows you to look for people who have been serving longer or who have more recently had access to academic training.

Using the Advanced Search link below the filters, you can generate an even more specific query.

While no contact information is listed in this directory, you can generate an email to a particular member by clicking on his/her name and then clicking on the Send Message button on the profile page.

Click on a person's name to see his or her entire public profile.
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