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In Memory

We have been a community long enough to have experienced the loss of some of our beloved members.  Lost, but not forgotten.

This is a place of loving memory.  It is a place to hold the names of our kindred MAPP spirits, a place to store our thoughts and stories, and a place to visit to bring our friends back to mind, like an online memorial garden.

Please feel free to add comments by clicking on the "Comments" or "Add Comment" link at the bottom of the post dedicated to the person that you would like to honor.  Your memories might stimulate other people's memories.
  • 23 Mar 2015 3:47 PM | Kathryn Britton (Administrator)
    Elaine and Ray

    From a note From a note to the MAPP Alumni from James Pawelski dated March 18, 2015:

    Dear MAPP Alumni,

    It is with sadness that I write with the news that Ray Fowler passed away last night.  Positive psychology has lost a great leader, and MAPP has lost an amazing teacher and supporter.

    Ray was the CEO of the American Psychological Association when Marty was president, and he helped with the launching of positive psychology.  Ray spoke on the very first day of MAPP in the Fall of 2005, and he was a much-beloved instructor in MAPP 700 in some years.  It was at his suggestion that the International Positive Psychology Association was founded, and he worked hard to help it get launched successfully.

    He was a warm and caring person, an inspiration, mentor, teacher, and friend to many, many people around the world during his long and fruitful life.

    Thank you, Ray.  May you rest in peace.


  • 02 Jun 2014 11:15 AM | Lisa Sansom (Administrator)
    Lucy Hone's 12 year old daughter, Abigail, was killed in a car crash in New Zealand on June 1, 2014. 

    Lucy Hone is from the MAPP.5 class. She is a powerful force not only for positive psychology, but also for positive health which is the focus of her PhD. She is working very hard to spread positive psychology in the NZ community. Any death is, of course, a tragedy, but that it should happen so suddenly to someone so young and from such a positive vibrant family is heartbreaking on many levels. I know our thoughts and hearts go out to Lucy, her husband Trevor, and their family at this time. 

    Another family was also impacted by the tragedy as Abigail was in a friend's car at the time. Abigail's 12 yr old friend, Ella Yasmin Summerfield, and her mother were also killed. Ella and Abigail are "the two gorgeous girls" in the article that appeared in The Press, press.co.nz.  The father of the other family was driving and is in hospital. It appears that the crash was entirely bad luck and the responsibility of the other driver who ran a stop sign at a very high speed. The car that Abigail was in was driving at the speed limit and all were wearing seatbelts. It's truly a horrific tragedy.

    Please use the space below to add your thoughts and feelings - memories of Abigail and condolences for Lucy, Trevor, and their sons Ed and Paddy. 

  • 28 Oct 2012 4:28 PM | Kathryn Britton (Administrator)
    Robyn with Paul RozenRobyn came to MAPP from Australia, where she focused on positive education.

    Her capstone was titled, Positive Psychology in Education: A positive education model.

    Here she is, pictured with Paul Rozen.
  • 13 Oct 2012 4:35 PM | Kathryn Britton (Administrator)

    Losing Chris has left a hole in our hearts.

    Chris summed up positive psychology in three words, "Other people matter." 

    Various groups and individuals have posted tributes online, including The University of Michigan obituary and Positive Psychology News Daily's article, You Mattered, Chris, where 50 comments were posted with memories and pictures of Chris.

    At the 2012 MAPP Summit, Martin Seligman gave him the following tribute:

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