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MAPP Continuing Professional Education Webinars

The following webinars have been presented to MAPP Alumni as opportunities for continuing professional education.  They are listed in reverse year order based on when they were delivered.  Each event includes the name of the presenter, so you can use the browser search capability to find a particular presenter.  

Access to these videos is a privilege associated with dues-paying membership in the MAPP Alumni organization and to subscribing members of the public.  

MAPP members, once you pay either annual, 5-year, or lifetime dues, you'll have access to the page that has links to the webinar recordings on the MAPP Youtube channel.

Members of the public, subscribe to the MAPP webinars to gain access to the page with recording links.


Hofmann, PhD, Jennifer: Light & Dark - the Cutting Edge of Humor Research (17 January 2019). Abstract.

Hofmann, PhD, Jennifer: Humor & Playfulness: Training and Interventions! (21 February 2019). Abstract.

Killingsworth, PhD, Matt: Talk Abstract (28 March 2019). Abstract.

Stavros, PhD, Jackie and Torres , PhD, Cheri: Conversations Worth Having: The Key to Positivity (3 April 2019). Abstract.

Stavros, PhD, Jackie: Strategy and Strategic Plans that SOAR (9 May 2019). Abstract.

Ivtzan, PhD, Itai: Positive Mindfulness (19 September 2019). Abstract.

Emerson, PhD, Brian: Looking for and Navigating Polarities (10 October 2019) more information is coming

Glomb, PhD, Theresa: Microinterventions in Organizations (14 November 2019). Abstract.

Niemic, PhD, Ryan: CHARACTER STRENGTHS: CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! (5 December 2019). Abstract.


Barry, John: Should Therapists and Coaches Be Doing More to Help Their Male Clients? (25 January 2018) Abstract.

McKenna, Maureen: Weaving Appreciative Inquiry into Everyday Conversations (15 February 2018) Abstract.

O’Brien, Ph.D., MAPP, CAPP, Elaine: MAPP Somatics: Let Me Hear Your Body Talk (15 March 2018) Abstract.

Ben-Shahar, Dr. Tal: Happiness Studies (20 April 2018) Abstract.

Oettingen, Dr. Gabriele: Thinking About the Future and Behavior Change (30 April 2018) Abstract.

Surana, Pradnya: Positive Psychology and Money: interventions that shift from money anxieties to wellbeing in eastern and western cultures (14 June 2018) Abstract.

Zeitler, PhD, David:  Why don't I do what I know I need to? Immunity to Change and the 4-Column Exercise (26 July 2018) Abstract.

Kern, PhD, Peggy: Systems Informed Positive Psychology (16 August 2018) Abstract.

Godfrey, PhD, Erin: Middle School Learning and Beliefs about a Just System: Research Reports & Caveats Psychology (20 September 2018).   Abstract.

Cameron, Dr. Kim: Business Impact of Positive Leadership (18 October 2018). Abstract.

Hays, Ph.D., Kate F.: A Few of My Favorite Things (14 November 2018). Abstract.


Zunick, Pete: Encouraging Generalization from Success Using a Directed Abstraction Writing Intervention (26 January 2017) Abstract.

Eichstaedt, Johannes: Measuring the Health and Well-Being of Populations through Social Media (2 March 2017) Abstract.

Sonenshein, Scott: The Science of Being Resourceful: Success and Achievement by Making the Most of What You Have (21 March 2017) Abstract.

Lomas, Tim: Positive Experiential Cartography: Mapping Wellbeing through the Study of 'UIntranslatable' words (18 May 2017) Abstract.

MacLean, Pamela, The Cycles of Change in our Lives (22 June 2017).  Abstract.

Adams, Marilee,  Change Your Questions, Change Your Reality (20 July 2017).  Abstract.

Neuro Skeptic,  Psychology: The Least Reproducible Science?  (17 August 2017).  Abstract.

Luthans, Fred, Psychological Capital: Recognizing and Developing the HERO Within (21 September 2017). Abstract.

Niemiec, Ryan, Nuances of Character Strengths (19 October 2017).  Abstract.

Maitlis, Sally: Rebuilding Meaning after a Work-Related Trauma (30 November 2017) Abstract.


Harrison, Spencer:  Hope as a shared resource: The case of the 1972 plane crash in the Andes (17 November 2016)  Abstract.

Worline, Monica:  Applied Compassion: Beyond Warm and Fuzzy - Overcoming Obstacles, Encountering Shadows (27 October 2016)  Abstract.

Rogers, Kristie:  Respect at Work (22 September 2016)  Abstract.

Worthington, Everett:  Heroic Humility: How Humble Models Can Contribute to Better Relationships and a More Civil Political Process (18 August 2016)  Abstract.

Quinting, Greg:  Applied CAVE: Assessing Explanatory Style through Content Analysis of Verbatim Explanations (25 July 2016)  Abstract.

Clifton, Jer:  Primal World Beliefs: Mapping a Final Frontier of the Cognitive Revolution Finds that Safety is Not Enough (30 June 2016)  Abstract.

Wachholtz, Amy:  The Impact of Spirituality and Meditation on Health (19 May 2016)  Abstract.

Kira, Mari:  Sustainable Work (21 April 2016).  Abstract.

Worline, Monica:   New Science of Compassion in Organizations (17 March 2016).  Abstract.

Harrison, Spencer:   The Benefits of Feedback for Creative Work and the Principles for Giving Feedback for Creativity (18 February 2016).  Abstract.


Quinn, Ryan:  Applying Insights from Learning from Success:  The Lift Exchange Application (10 December 2015).  Abstract

Quinn, Ryan:  Appreciative Inquiry and the Genetic Algorithm (5 November 2015).  Abstract.

Dutton, Jane:  Boost Strength and Resilience by Cultivating Positive Identities (17 September 2015).  Abstract.

Quinn, Bob: Change the Music, Change the Dance (23 July 2015).  Abstract.

Rudd, Mel: The Power of Being Present: Expanding Perceptions of Time Through Temporal Focus (18 June 2015).  Abstract.

Burke, Jolanta: Positive Guidance: Careers and Positive Psychology (4 June  2015).  Abstract.

Spreitzer, Gretchen:  Learn about the Positive Leadership Game (22 April 2015).  Abstract.

Jarden, Aaron:  Benefits of Frequent Assessment of Well-being (2 April 2015).  Abstract.

Larson, Emily:  International Positive Education Network: Changing Educational Paradigms (5 February 2015).  Abstract.

Konty, Mark: Science of Human Values (15 January 2015).  Abstract.


Muir, Kate:  How to be a Good Listener (12 December 2014).  Abstract.

Huntington, Clare:  Cutting Edge of Positive Psychology Interventions: Large Scale Change (12 September 2014).  Abstract.

Beaubien, Jacquie: Raising Student Achievement  (13 June 2014).  Abstract.

Heintzelman, Samantha:  The Role of Environmental Coherence in the Experience of Meaning (24 March 2014).  Abstract.


Romero, Carissa:  Psychological Barriers to Success (12 December 2013).  Abstract.

Richards, Larry:  How Understanding Lawyer Personalities can Help Coaches, Colleagues, and Co-habitors (1 October 2013).  Abstract.

Hughes, Leslie (PunchMedia): Attract More Clients and Convert More Business Using LinkedIn (30 July 2013).  Abstract.

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