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Privacy Policy 

No information is collected by this site for anyone who is not a member and has never attended a MAPP event. Members must review and agree to this privacy policy to continue seeing the membership pages of the site.  Event attendees must review and agree in order to complete event registrations.

No information collected by this site is sold or otherwise provided to any other organization.

For MAPPsters, here is the link to fill in the privacy form so that we can keep your information in our data base.


The underlying infrastructure may use cookies to improve your browsing experience.  Here's the Wild Apricot cookie policy.  If you prefer to disable cookies, here are instructions to disable cookies in your browser.  The MAPP site itself does not add any additional cookies, but we cannot turn off the ones inserted by the infrastructure.


All of the following rights required by the Global Data Protection Regulation are described below.  If you have any questions, please contact the chair of the Web committee.

  1. Right of access
  2. Right to rectification
  3. Right to erasure
  4. Right to restriction of processing: 
  5. Right to object to processing
  6. Right to data portability
  7. Right to withdraw consent at any time, where processing is based on consent
  8. Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority 

Purpose of collecting information

The MAPP Alumni association website collects data about graduates of the MAPP Alumni association for the purpose of supporting a community in which members work together to improve the level of well-being in the world. 

An additional purpose of the website is to help people in the general public find MAPP graduates in their geographical areas or with their particular interests.  Therefore, the site has a public directory that can be searched by anyone. 

Every member has the right to opt out of the public directory by setting a field in his/her profile in the database.

Contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses is maintained in the database but not made visible to anyone outside the community.  Members have to be logged in to see it.  Every member has the right and ability to restrict visibility of information in the database or remove it entirely.

The site collects just enough data about event attendees and webinar subscribers to be able to send them emails about future events.  Event participants can use the Unsubscribe link in future event invitations to stop the emails.  They can also request to be removed from the database at any time by using the Privacy Policy form.

Data Controller

The chair of the Web committee is the data controller and data protection officer.  To contact that person, members are referred to the Board page.  If they are logged in, they can see contact information. Members of the public with questions can use the Contact Form.

Sharing Restrictions.  

Agreeing to this policy means agreeing not to share information about other members outside the group without asking permission of the individual.  That includes all non-public fields such as email address, phone numbers, and mailing address.

Participant Rights

You have the right to review your data, fix anything that is not correct, restrict the visibility of any data, or have the information erased completely from the system.

To review the profile data collected about you, log into the system.  Then click on your name in the upper right.  You will see a button that allows you to edit your profile. You may also click on the Privacy tab to change the visibility of any of your information.  For example, you might choose to have your contact information visible only to the administrator, not to other members of the community. That is your option, and it is something you can modify on the Data Privacy page of your profile.

Right to Withdraw Consent

You have the right to request at any time that your data be removed from the system entirely or that it be visible only to the administrator.  The administrator will respond to your request promptly.   Use the Privacy Policy Form  to make the request.

Data Portability

Data in your profile can be provided to you in spreadsheet form on request.   

Data Sources

The data about you in the system was obtained directly from you or from publicly available sites such as LinkedIn.  The only exception is that the administrators of the MAPP program provide us with a list of the graduating class each spring to add to our alumni database.  That list includes names and email addresses only.


The information about you in the system will be maintained until you request that it be withdrawn or erased. 

Further Information

This website is built on Wild Apricot Infrastructure and therefore the terms of the Wild Apricot privacy policy  apply.  Wild Apricot is the Data Processor, in GDPR terms.

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