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Welcome to MAPP Fete 2024: Sunny Side Up!

We can't wait to see MAPP Alumni in Philly on October 18th, 2024 for Fete 2024: Sunny Side Up!

Fête is the annual MAPP Alumni Association convening that brings together and celebrates our growing, diverse, and engaged community of 700+ MAPP alumni. 
Fête is a delightful daylong party for MAPP alumni; ticket registration opens in Spring 2024.

With our Fete 2024 theme of "Sunny Side Up" we are eager to "look at the bright side" with you, including delicious food, uplifting music, facilitated learning, meaningful connection, and a virtual Fête component for MAPP Alumni who can not attend in person.

Any proceeds from Fête fund MAPP Alumni Association-related programming (including future Fêtes) so we can all continue to foster individual, organizational, and community flourishing.

Fête 2024: Sunny Side Up Sponsorship opportunities are now open; check out the many benefits of Fête 2024 Sponsorship and register to become a Sponsor here! 

Individual Fete ticket registration is open! In-person tickets are limited to 150 attendees this year (with a separate, ticketed virtual option forthcoming, as well) so be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible!

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More about MAPP Fete

Since 2010, the MAPP Alumni Association has sponsored a full day event right before the MAPP Summit for all MAPP Alumni. The first organizer, Arthur Fullerton, called it the MAPP Fete, and the name stuck. Earlier Fetes and Summits have all been great learning events.

For the last few years, the MAPP Fete has been organized by members of the class that graduated the previous summer.  That gives the new class a chance to set their mark on this important gathering. This year, Fete is organized by members of MAPP.18, including Class Reps Zhenya Evans and Dana Emanuel.

The MAPP Fete is hosted by the MAPP Alumni Association, and is a completely separate event from the MAPP Summit, hosted by the MAPP program at UPenn. If you choose to go to both (and we encourage you to do so!), you must register separately for both.  

MAPP Alumni Association members and other business have an opportunity to sponsor Fete. Fete Sponsors gain fantastic visibility to our engaged, proactive, and passionate members, and advertisement of their services, books, or businesses to MAPP Alumni can have great ripple effect. Check out the MAPP Fete Sponsorship page to learn about and sign up to be a sponsor. 

See you on October 18, 2024!

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