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Students graduating from the Penn Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program often have big dreams about launching programs to benefit particular communities.   Sometimes these dreams emerge immediately, and sometimes they evolve out of practical experience after MAPP.

The MAPP Alumni Association has been running a grant program for several years to help make these dreams become reality.

We are now ready to invite others to contribute  to help MAPP alumni have bigger impacts on the world.

There are three ways to contribute:

  1. donation with no expectation of return other than the thanks of the community.

  2. Book Sponsorship.  In this case, a picture of your book and a link to where it can be purchased will appear on the MAPP home page and in the MAPP newsbriefs.

  3. Service Sponsorship (MAPP-owned and Otherwise):   These could come from any organization, but we anticipate that they will be most appealing to businesses that target people in the MAPP community and others with a strong interest in positive psychology.  For example, these draw the attention of our community members to certificate programs that MAPP graduates have pursued in the past.

    If you choose a service sponsorship, we will ask you to provide us with an image representing your service and a link to your web page so we can add it to our sponsor list on our web page.   To see an example of what your sponsorship on the website would look like, scroll to the bottom of the ICF-RAC web page to see their chapter sponsor section.  We will send you size specifications for the image after you donate.

    A smaller version of the image and the link will be added to the footer of the NewsBriefs that go out to the MAPP community regularly.  

All levels can be recurring donations. 

The goal is $20,000.  The goal tracker below show $17,800 as the goal because $2,200 has been donated with event registrations.

Donation goal

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Sponsorship Questions

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MAPP Alumni Sponsors

Open Donation Book Sponsorship
Company Sponsorship
 Katie Snyder:  $1000  Kathryn Britton, Sit Write Share
Andrew Soren, Eudaimonic by Design
 Anonymous: $500
 Anne Brafford: Positive Professionals
Lisa Sansom, LVS Consulting
 Alan Foster: $500
 Pete Worrell: Enterprise Value
Samantha Boardman,

Positive Prescription  & Everyday Vitality: Turning Stress into Strength

 Sherri Fisher in honor of Kathryn Britton
John Hollway, Killing Time
Valorie Burton,
CaPP™ Institute
Tamara Myles
Sherri Fisher: The Effort Myth
Anonymous: $25   Karen Warner: The Sudden Caregiver   
Kathryn Miller: $100 Shannon Polly, Character Strengths Matter
Chris Major: $100
Valorie Burton,

Successful Women Think Differently 

Valorie's book page

Elizabeth Sheeler: $100

Simon Leow: Let's Unpack This!

(Card game to be released end of October 2021) 

Nick Hall    
Elizabeth Corcoran
Tracy Specter    
Jennifer Marino    
Karen Deppa    
Elizabeth Koehler: $100    
Duncan Ferguson    
Joseph Okleberry    
Sandy Lewis    
Roger DeWitt    
Kathy Snyder    
Louis Alloro    
Sherry Tsen    
Steven Roberts    
Michelle Gielan    
Margaret Greenberg    
 Lisle Baker  

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