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Katrina Calihan


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Katrina Calihan is the President and Founder of Point of Arrival, a full-service leadership and positive psychology coaching, training and consulting firm. She is passionate about partnering with clients to enable them to flourish at work and in life. A key area of interest for Katrina is professional calling – helping clients find it, cultivate more of it, and eventually live each day with passion for their work. Prior to founding Point of Arrival, Katrina was an established human capital leader, most recently leading HR operations and leadership development for the Chicago office of Bain & Co. Katrina holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University, and a Bachelor of Business from Gonzaga University. Additionally, Katrina is a certified yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience in mindfulness practices and teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga.


Professional Information

Point of Arrival, LLC
Job title
President & Founder
Primary Focus
Point of Arrival is a full service coaching, training and consulting company. My passion and focus are enabling effective leadership and applying positive psychology with organizations and individuals so they can live into their potential and flourish.
Professional Interests
  • Business
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Human Resources
  • Yoga
Professional Skills
  • Career Development
  • Consulting
  • Facilitating groups
  • HR specialist
  • Leadership development
  • Speaking
  • Teaching resilience
  • Writing
ICF Certification
Coach Training
  • 60+ Hours Coach Training
  • Professional Certification
Certified Leadership Coach, Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership

Certified Leadership Circle Practitioner

Certified MBTI Practitioner

Certified Yoga Instructor


Degrees Before MAPP
Bachelor of Business Administration, Gonzaga University, 2003

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Interested in Speaking Referrals
Speaking Topics
Positive psychology

Leadership (centered, authentic, inspirational)

Work meaning and purpose

Energy management

Peak performance (brain, body and mind)


Somatics and mindfulness


Science of habit

Human capital management
Experience speaking to large audiences


Capstone title and abstract
Crafting a Calling: The Role of Optimism

Extant research indicates that optimism, growth mindset and calling orientation have positive relationships to job performance, engagement, and work and life satisfaction. While research has explored relationships between calling orientation and strengths, engagement, flow, and other constructs, no research has specifically tested if optimism and growth mindset are related to or predictive of a calling orientation. A survey study of 182 respondents currently employed in professional services organizations was conducted to explore and establish for the first time relationships between optimism, mindset and calling orientation. The hypothesis tested was as follows: respondents high in measures of optimism and growth mindset would report having strong calling orientation toward their work. Results validate the hypothesis for optimism and calling orientation, which have a significant correlation; results for the relationship between growth mindset and calling orientation were not significant. Future research should explore the causal direction of the relationship between optimism and calling, followed by interventions that boost one or the other, as appropriate, in order to build a pathway to enhanced well-being and meaning in work and life.

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