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Julie Haizlip


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Julie Haizlip is a physician with more than 10 years experience practicing Pediatric Critical Care and more than 5 years experience working in creating positive culture change in academic health care settings.

Her primary interests are in nurturing collaborative health care teams and promoting inter professional practice. Her current research relates to mattering in healthcare professionals and prevention of burnout.

Dr Haizlip has several publications related to positive change in health care. Dr. Haizlip was the primary author of the article "The negativity bias, medical education, and the culture of academic medicine: why culture change is hard." which was awarded the ABIM Foundation Prize for Professionalism. She has also published and presented internationally on the adaptation of Appreciative Inquiry for Academic Health Care.

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University of Virginia
Job title
Clinical Professor of Nursing; Faculty, UVA School of Medicine Depts of Pediatrics & Anesthesia
Primary Focus
Mattering in Healthcare
Interprofessional Education
Appreciative Practices in Healthcare
Primary Focus Details
My colleagues and I are exploring the construct of MATTERING in healthcare. Mattering was first defined by Rosenberg and McCullough and is used to describe the perception that one is significant in the lives of others and is important in the world. Since the desire to impact the lives of others is integral to professional identities of health professionals, it stands to reason that a sense of mattering is critical to our professional satisfaction. Psychologists have demonstrated that mattering is associated with enhanced personal well-being. We hypothesize that if we can understand what makes clinicians feel like they matter, we may be able to positively impact the epidemic of burnout in physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers.
Professional Area
  • Medicine
Active Professional Interests
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Health Care
Professional Skills
  • Facilitating groups
  • Leadership development
  • Speaking
  • Teaching resilience
  • Writing
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  • English
Board Certification in Pediatrics & Pediatric Critical Care


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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy with Honors - University of North Carolina

Doctor of Medicine - University of North Carolina

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Positive Change in Healthcare Environments
Mattering in Healthcare Professionals
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Book 1 Cover
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Appreciative Inquiry in Healthcare: Positive Questions to Bring Out the Best
Book 2 Cover
Book 2 Title
Wisdom Leadership in Academic Health Centers: Leading Positive Change
Journal Articles
Haizlip JA, Angle JF, Keefe-Jankowski C, May NB, Schorling JB, Whitney D, Williams AS, Plews-Ogan M. Successful Adaptation of Appreciative Inquiry for Academic Medicine. AI Practitioner 2010;12 (3):44-49.

Haizlip J, May N, Schorling J, Williams A, Plews-Ogan M. Perspective: the negativity bias, medical education, and the culture of academic medicine: why culture change is hard. Academic Medicine 2012;87(9): 1205-1209.

Williams AS, Haizlip J. 10 Keys to Success for Appreciative Inquiry Processes in Academic Healthcare. OD Practitioner. 2013;45(2):20-25.
Capstone title and abstract
Shared Decision Making: Are We Achieving Our Goals?

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