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Kathryn Britton


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Kathryn H. Britton is an author, editor, and writing coach. Before gaining her MAPP degree in 2006, she worked for the US Navy and IBM as a software engineer, inventor, mentor, and team leader.

As a member of Silicon Valley Change, she coaches mid-level managers and executives working on career progression, management skills, impact on the business, and/or job fit.

For eight years, she taught a graduate-level course on people management skills in the Project Management Department at the University of Maryland.

She has written more than 100 articles for Positive Psychology News and Forbes, covering topics such as motivation, resilience, creativity, strengths-based management, collaboration, change, marriage, and aging. She is the managing editor of Positive Psychology News, and has edited 3 books and co-authored two others.

As a writing coach, she works with individual clients and runs writers' workshops. She has helped people with a wide range of writing projects including blog articles, academic papers, marketing materials, non-fiction books, and short stories. Her latest book, Sit Write Share, incorporates what she has learned about helping authors get out of their own ways and learn to enjoy the craft of writing.

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Theano Coaching LLC - self-employed
Job title
Executive Coach, Writing Coach, Editor, Author
Primary Focus
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  • Business
  • Coaching
  • Old age
Professional Skills
  • Leadership development
  • Speaking
  • Writing
Coach Training
  • 60+ Hours Coach Training
Fluent in Languages
  • English


Degrees Before MAPP
BA from Stanford,
MS in Library Science from UNC-CH,
MS in Computer Science from UNC-CH

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Resilience; Writing; Management Skills
Experience speaking to large audiences


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Book 1 Cover
Book 1 Title
Sit Write Share
Book 2 Cover
Book 2 Title
Thriving Women, Thriving World
Book 3 Cover
Book 3 Title
Character Strengths Matter
Additional Books
Smarts and Stamina - http://tinyurl.com/theSaSBook

Gratitude: How to appreciate life's gifts - http://tinyurl.com/GratitudeBook

Resilence: How to navigate life's curves - http://tinyurl.com/ResilienceBook
Journal Articles
Choong, S. & Britton, K. (2007). Character strengths and type: Exploration of co-variation. International Coaching Psychology Review. http://www.positran.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/ICPR.pdf#page=9

Britton, K. (2008). Increasing job satisfaction: Coaching with evidence-based interventions. Coaching: An international journal of theory and practice.

Britton, K. (2008).
Capstone title and abstract
Character Strengths and Type: Exploration of Covariation Soo Lin Choong and Kathryn Britton.

Ninety-eight adult volunteers participated in this exploratory study of potential links between psychological type as determined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and signature strengths as identified by the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths. We examined participants’ types and signature strengths to test for covariation between specific signature strengths and individual type dichotomies or paired type combinations. We found significant covariations between 10 character strengths with single type dimensions namely, creativity (intuition), open-mindedness (thinking), love of learning (introversion), integrity (sensing and thinking), persistence (judging), vitality (extraversion), love (extraversion and feeling), fairness (sensing), and gratitude (extraversion). Love, integrity, and gratitude also covaried with multiple paired type combinations while curiosity covaried only with one paired type combination (introverted intuition).

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