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The Change I Want to See in the World
Do you believe that there are capable and less-capable students and that they exist in a normal distribution? This belief is at the heart of schooling. Despite all sorts of rhetoric about equity, we segregate nearly all students: by age, teaching them in a grade level, and by perceived aptitude, rewarding them according to their ability to access the provided curriculum at each level.

As a result, subject learning, related materials and skills drive education. We are inspired when the rare person escapes from their level in the educational caste system and succeeds against the perceived odds. Yet the system itself creates islands of disengaged and under-educated students, frustrated educators, worried parents and concerned citizens.

Most academic support programs focus on getting students to complete schoolwork and improve grades. For students with learning, attention or executive function struggles, this approach can mask strengths and belief in their own abilities, decrease their love of learning, and lead to anxiety through the fear of not measuring up. Students’ untapped strengths are wellsprings of future happiness, engagement and success, in school, work and life.

School needs to unleash the true potential of all students and use emotionally sound motivational approaches, beyond grades. Everyone’s non-academic strengths, personal processing style, and ability to continue to learn for a lifetime can be developed. Together these abilities have value far beyond school subjects. That’s priceless, since about 80% of your lifetime is spent outside of formal education!
Books That Greatly Influenced My Life
Their Eyes Were Watching God; Fahrenheit-451; The Handmaid's Tale; Co-Active Coaching; To Kill a Mockingbird; Charlotte's Web
Fun Facts About Me
Teaching was supposed to be my “temporary” career. Instead, my students and their families inspired me with their resilience and wowed me with their creativity. Quickly I felt called to help students and parents thrive. I became not only a learning specialist but also the first one to apply Positive Psychology social-emotional research for challenged learners and their families.

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Sherri Fisher, MAPP, MEd, Director of Learn & Flourish, is a leader in education planning, leveraging student and parent distinctive strengths with the Positive Edge. As an executive coach she unleashes the true potential of bright clients of all ages, especially those who have learning, attention and executive function challenges.

Her unique background blends specialized teaching and learning skills with research-based, emotionally sound motivational approaches. Sherri has taught in K-12 schools and founded programs to support struggling learners across the age span. She is most energized by uncovering individual clients’ hidden strengths and coaching students and parents to unleash their potential. Strengths are wellsprings of future happiness, engagement and success, in school, work and life!

Sherri is the first learning specialist in the world to have UPenn’s MAPP degree. Her latest book is The Effort Myth: How to Give Your Child the Three Gifts of Motivation (2021). Her POS-EDGE Model books include: Unleash Your Epic Self: How to Crush it at School, Work and Life, and Positive Edge Journal. Sherri also co-authored the popular positive education book SMART Strengths: Building Character, Resilience and Relationships in Youth. She has written over 60 articles and contributed to four book collections. Sherri also speaks to a variety of groups, from physicians, psychologists and school professionals to moms, dads, and students. Visit her website at LearnAndFlourish.com

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Sherri W Fisher LLC
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Learning Specialist. Executive Coach. Writer. Speaker.
Primary Focus
Executive Function Coaching/Special Education Advocacy/College and Career Planning.
As a learning specialist and Positive Education expert, I empower bright clients of all ages—in particular, those who have learning and performance challenges—to unleash their potential. I coach Positive Education leaders, write fun actionable books and speak to a variety of audiences.
Primary Focus Details
In my international private practice, I create personalized success strategies for high-potential clients of all ages who struggle with organization and procrastination and underperform despite their abilities. Together we unleash their epicness :-)

For K-12 in the US, I design strategies for navigating the complex world of learning and special education, by blending Positive Psychology research and education best practices.

I have coached well-being positive education leaders in community-wide initiatives through a partnership that includes Geelong Grammar School Positive Education Institute; Maroondah Communities of Wellbeing; Berry Street Child and Family Services; and Melbourne University.
Professional Interests
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Family/Parents
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Therapy
  • University Education
Professional Skills
  • Career Development
  • Consulting
  • Facilitating groups
  • Leadership development
  • Speaking
  • Teaching resilience
  • Writing
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  • English


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M.Ed., BA

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*Executive Functions 101: Stop.Switch.Start.
*Executive Functions: From Procrastinator to Producer
*Executive Functions: Three Rules for Adulting
*Positive Education: Master Your Learning, Attention and Organization Challenges
*Unleash Your Epic Self
*Community-wide Wellbeing Development
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Book 1 Cover
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The Effort Myth: How to Give Your Child the Three Gifts of Motivation
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November 2021
Book 2 Cover
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Unleash Your Epic Self: The Guide to Crushing it at School, Work and Life
Book 3 Cover
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Smart Strengths
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*Character Strengths Matter
*The Educators’ Guide To Whole-School Wellbeing: A Practical Guide To Getting Started, Best-Practice Process And Effective Implementation
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Capstone title and abstract
Building a Foundation for Positive Psychology in Schools --Sherri Fisher and Dave Shearon

Abstract: Teachers in a large, non-urban school system completed one or more positive psychology questionnaires assessing strengths of character; happiness; orientation toward pleasure, engagement, and meaning as three different paths to happiness; explanatory style; orientation toward teaching as a job, a career, or a calling; and job satisfaction. These results of these 170 participants are compared with those obtained from an Internet sample of 2,538 teachers on four of the same instruments. Correlations between the results for each of the two samples are examined. The resulting profiles of the two samples are compared, and suggestions are made as to possible uses of such data to guide improvement in large school systems.
Dissertation Title and Link
Building a Foundation for Positive Psychology in Schools: https://repository.upenn.edu/mapp_capstone/18/

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