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The last time I saw Chris...

18 Feb 2014 8:33 PM | Louis Alloro

The last time I saw Chris was at the bar at Mason Inn on George Mason’s Campus. (I’m a Fellow in the Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing here–at the University, not the bar–and SOMO is a project of the Center.) 

I had such a nice interaction with him that moment. He looked me in the eyes, cocked his head, and said “You’re doing amazing work, Louis. Keep it up. You’re helping people improve their lives and that’s the most important part.”

I was so honored to be seen by him, so humble and wise. He made me matter. I think about the sincerity of that moment with Chris when I get stressed or burnt out. It helps bring me back to his notions of resilience, strength, and character undefined all of which, like him, are timeless.

Thanks for being my friend on the other side now, Chris. I love and appreciate you.

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