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Large Scale Change at the Level of Communities, States, and Nations ~ with Clare Huntington

  • 12 Sep 2014
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
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The Cutting Edge of Positive Psychology Interventions:

Large Scale Change at the Level of Communities, States, and Nations

       ~ with Professor Clare Huntington

Clare Huntington, Professor of Law at Fordham University, will discuss ways in which law, both "family law" (marriage, divorce, custody, etc.) and the broader legal structure (e.g., social "safety nets”) could be re-structured to enable greater flourishing for families with the flourishing of children a key component. She builds her thinking off an in-depth study of the positive psychology research summed up by Chris Peterson's phrase, "Other people matter."

  • What can we do to support family flourishing now?
  • Can "the state" make better use of multiple professions - nurses, for example - to increase family well-being?
  • What's the new approach to divorce that supports relationships but has been a real challenge for the organized bar to accept?
  • How can Jonathan Haidt's work help us structure new proposals?
  • What can we - as citizens and voters - do to help develop, sell, and implement changes that promote well-being for families?
Professor Huntington's exploration about how the "state" supports or interferes with well-being through the family structure focuses on American law, but the issues and some of her examples (the welfare approach of the Scandinavian countries, for example) cross national boundaries.
We will also explore the challenges involved in avoiding our own "icebergs" when dealing with policy level arguments - and helping others do the same. Finally, since the political is often personal, Professor Huntington will talk about how her study of positive psychology affected her personally and led her to policy positions that surprised her.   
Clare Huntington is author of the 2014 book, Failure to Flourish: How Law Undermines Family Relationships.

This seminar is relevant to those of us who work with families, women, children, organizations, and at the community and policy level. Because of its wide scope, the program is scheduled to last 90 minutes to give time for Professor Huntington's overview of her work and a dialogue with Dave Shearon, as well as questions, comments, and suggestions from the MAPP community. Professor Huntington's work addresses areas many of us care about, and perhaps we can help.

Please mark your calendars for September 12th, 2014 @ 4 p.m. Eastern Time and join us for this exciting event!

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