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Why don't I do what I know I need to? Immunity to Change and the 4-Column Exercise with David Zeitler PhD

  • 26 Jul 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Why don't I do what I know I need to? Immunity to Change and the 4-Column Exercise

with David Zeitler, PhD

Change is hard, especially for adults! Why? Because we've already made the easy changes. Change, even toward a better future, challenges the careful balance we have built in our lives. Balancing our wants against each other. Balancing taking care of others and taking care of ourselves. Balancing responsibility and freedom. Balancing action and reflection. Of course, once we settle on a balance, the confirmation bias kicks in to pile up evidence that it is the ONLY balance. The Immunity to Change model developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey of Harvard has, for many years, been a powerful tool helping individuals and groups discover where the balances they have made are holding them back and then carefully test out ways to re-balance so they can grow and get more of what they want. (Or, short form: it's been "increasing the total tonnage of happiness in the world"!) David Zeitler has worked closely with Drs. Kegan and Lahey in implementing the model and it's discovery exercise, "The 4-Column Exercise." Join us to learn about this powerful tool and how you can put it to use in your life and Positive Psych applications!


    For almost fifteen years, David has been supporting individuals, teams, and organizations to make efficient and sustainable change. With clients around the globe and near his home & office in Philadelphia, PA David leads change workshops, writes, and coaches. He is the president and principal coach for Zeitler Executive Dynamix, a firm that uses only evidence based methods to serve its clients.

    David is also a Senior Associate for Minds at Work, a Cambridge, MA based coaching and consulting firm founded by Harvard chair of Adult Learning & Professional Development Robert Kegan and Harvard professor Lisa Lahey. There, he helps train Immunity to Change coaches and is helping to grow and extend the influence of this revolutionary method through several different types of media.

    Formerly, David was an Associate Trainer for Integral Institute; Assistant Director of the Integral Psychotherapy Center; and spent many years in fine dining as a server. Immediately upon graduating from college he purchased an interest in a fledgling company, Student Enterprises Driveway Sealing, and would grow that organization in two states in order to support his enrollment into graduate school.

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