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How Understanding Lawyer Personalities Can Help Coaches, Colleagues, and Co-Habitors By Larry Richard

  • 01 Oct 2013
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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f you know a lawyer, are in a relationship with one, have one in your family, have hired one, live near one, or are just curious about lawyers, this webinar will explain what makes them tick.

Even if you can think of no reason to be interested in lawyers, the speaker can help you understand how to work with a particular profession using positive psychology concepts and tools.  Many of the positive psychology principles discussed will apply equally to engineers, clinicians, accountants, librarians, and other professionals.

Lawyer expert Dr. Larry Richard, an organizational psychologist whose first career was practicing law, will share with you his remarkable research on the lawyer personality--the key traits that distinguish lawyers. He'll explain why certain kinds of people go into the legal profession, and how these uncommon traits impact their behavior and their relationships.

Lawyers are the largest single profession in the world, and they have enormous impact on our lives. If you want to understand them better, tune in!

Larry RichardsAbout Larry Richard

Dr. Larry Richard is the leading expert on the psychology of lawyer behavior. He is a frequent author and speaker on the use of positive psychology and applied behavioral science in helping law firms to succeed. 

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Dr. Richard practiced law as a trial attorney for ten years. He then earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from Temple University. For more than 20 years, he has advised law firms on leadership, management, and related issues such as teams, change management, repairing dysfunctional behavior, talent selection, assessment, and other aspects of strategic talent management. He recently launched his own consulting firm, LawyerBrain LLC, which focuses on improving lawyer performance through personality science. In his research, he has tested over 40,000 lawyers.

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