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MAPP CPE: Raising Achievement By Promoting Adaptive Beliefs by Jacquie Beaubien

  • 13 Jun 2014
  • 4:00 PM - 5:10 PM
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Raising Student Achievement By Promoting Adaptive Beliefs:
Framing praise, feedback, and encouragement
to promote engagement, and resilience

  with: Jacquie Beaubien

  Senior Project Manager

  PERTS***, Stanford University

This talk will provide an overview of research showing that subtle differences in how we frame praise, critical feedback, and encouragement can support people in developing adaptive mindsets.

From Jacquie Beaubien:  Students' mindsets and their beliefs about learning and school affect their motivation and resilience. Students with adaptive mindsets think about school and their own abilities in fundamentally different ways from disengaged students: They understand why school is important; they trust their teachers and peers; and they understand that they can grow their abilities by working hard and trying new strategies when they get stuck. Students who don't understand these things don't try as hard, give up quickly, and are more likely to cheat.

People carry the same mindsets into their working lives and can be similarly affected by praise and feedback. 

Please mark your calendars for June 13, 2014 @ 4 p.m. eastern and join us for this exciting event!

***Jacquie Beaubien is the Senior Program Manager for the Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University. She began working with PERTS in 2010 during her senior year at Stanford not long after it was founded. As a non-traditional student in her 40s, she immediately saw the profound importance of helping students overcome limiting beliefs, having been held back herself by limiting beliefs for decades.

PERTS is an applied research center at Stanford University. Members work with leading experts such as Carol Dweck, Geoff Cohen, and James Gross on academic motivation to raise student achievement on a large scale. In the process, they conduct research that expands what is known about academic motivation.

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