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Sagely advice, now my 'holy grail'

15 Feb 2014 9:09 AM | Sulynn Choong
At my first and last solo post-MAPP.01 dinner with Chris, before leaving Philadelphia for home, after 11 months away.

Chris: So what will you do with what you have learnt in MAPP when you return to Malaysia?

Me: I have all these ideas ... 
( proceed to spout a string of ideas for interventions, projects, writing, etc enthusiastically, and then stopped self-consciously)

Oops! I am such a dreamer. 

Chris: (in a Chris-like matter-of-fact tone) You are only a dreamer if you don't do anything with your ideas. So do them.

PostScript: Thanks Chris for your deep & profound impact on the making of the person I have become.
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