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MAPP Alumni Fete 2014

  • 17 Oct 2014
  • 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sheraton Hotel City Center, Penthouse Ballroom, 1201 Race St - NEAR THE CONVENTION CENTER


  • If you are a MAPP alum and would like to become a Supporting Member at this time, you can log into your profile and pay the $40 annual fee.
  • IN-PERSON CONNECTION is the goal of the FETE; nonetheless, taking the trip around the globe is difficult for some of our MAPP family. This year we will be recording the Fete and streaming the conference so that all of our MAPP family can stay CONNECTED.

    On Nov 3, we decided to refund the registration fees for the video Fete registration since the whole community can see them.

Registration is closed
MAPP Fete logo 2014
Four Points Sheraton Hotel - City Center.
1201 Race Street · Philadelphia, PA 19107.
Cross streets: Race Street & 12th street, 
Near the Philadelphia Convention Center

con·nect: /kəˈnekt/
bring together or into contact so that
a real link is established.

This year the
will focus on making
between the MAPP Alumni
aimed to increase
advance the field of
Positive Psychology.

If you haven't reunited recently with the MAPP community or the science and passion of Positive Psychology this will be a MEMORABLE opportunity to RECONNECT!

Don't forget to register also for the MAPP Summit, which will take place on October 18 and 19.  These are two separate events requiring separate registrations.

The questions in the registration form about mentoring are to support discussions at the Fete and Summit about setting up mentoring relationships as part of the
MAPP Alumni Outreach project


This year MAPP Alumni will have 5 minutes and 20 images to tell your story, share your ideas and inspire an audience of your peers! Ignite-style presentations are a great way to create a precise message to share your impact, inspiration and work with MAPP alumni. You will use the MAPP CONNECT presentation template to organize your talk. 

If you are interested in inspiring the MAPP alumni this year, please contact mappalumnifete@gmail.com with the following information and a brief summary of your talk.

Please include:

  • Proposals for presentations are due by September 15, 2014.
  • Decision will be made by October 1, 2014 - in case we get more proposals than the time will allow.
  • Final slide presentations will be due by October 10, 2014
For more information about how to give an IGNITE style talk


From Book Idea to Book Shelf:  

Lessons Learned from MAPP's Published Book Authors

Have you authored a book since 

graduating from MAPP?

We would like to have published MAPP authors share their successful journey from book idea to bookshelf in a panel discussion on Friday, October 17th. The panel is inspired by Margaret Greenberg’s (MAPP '06) desire to connect with aspiring MAPP authors to excite, encourage and build their self-efficacy about publishing a book. If you are one of the 40+ book authors in our MAPP alumni community, please join her to share your tips, techniques, and stories of perseverance and achievement.

Published Authors: please contact Margaret Greenberg, with the subject heading “MAPP Author Panel” if you are interested at mappalumnifete@gmail.com by SEPT 15th if you would like to participate.  

Aspiring Authors:  Feel free to submit questions you have about the writing process, agents, publishers, self-publishing, marketing, whatever to help us organize the panel. Please use the address above and include "Questions for MAPP Author Panel" in the subject line.  

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