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Abigail Ann Hone

02 Jun 2014 11:15 AM | Lisa Sansom (Administrator)
Lucy Hone's 12 year old daughter, Abigail, was killed in a car crash in New Zealand on June 1, 2014. 

Lucy Hone is from the MAPP.5 class. She is a powerful force not only for positive psychology, but also for positive health which is the focus of her PhD. She is working very hard to spread positive psychology in the NZ community. Any death is, of course, a tragedy, but that it should happen so suddenly to someone so young and from such a positive vibrant family is heartbreaking on many levels. I know our thoughts and hearts go out to Lucy, her husband Trevor, and their family at this time. 

Another family was also impacted by the tragedy as Abigail was in a friend's car at the time. Abigail's 12 yr old friend, Ella Yasmin Summerfield, and her mother were also killed. Ella and Abigail are "the two gorgeous girls" in the article that appeared in The Press, press.co.nz.  The father of the other family was driving and is in hospital. It appears that the crash was entirely bad luck and the responsibility of the other driver who ran a stop sign at a very high speed. The car that Abigail was in was driving at the speed limit and all were wearing seatbelts. It's truly a horrific tragedy.

Please use the space below to add your thoughts and feelings - memories of Abigail and condolences for Lucy, Trevor, and their sons Ed and Paddy. 


  • 03 Jun 2014 9:49 AM | Lisa Sansom (Administrator)
    Dear Lucy and family - our thoughts are with you during this unbearable time. The community - all around the world - loves and supports you and we are sending that across the miles. If we all could be there, we would. We're there with you in loving spirit. Abi will be loved and remembered forever in all of our hearts.
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  • 03 Jun 2014 11:19 AM | Paula Davis
    Dear Lucy, Trevor, Ed & Paddy,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. Abi will never be forgotten.

    Hugs and Love,

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  • 03 Jun 2014 11:33 AM | Natalie Brain
    Dear Lucy, Trevor, your family and community,
    I am so touched by the grace of Abi. Her sprit shines so brightly. I am so sorry for this tragedy. I hope you can find refuge and strength in the family of people around the world who love you and support you. We are here.

    Sending prayers of love and light,
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  • 03 Jun 2014 11:33 AM | Kathryn Britton (Administrator)
    03 Jun 2014 8:14 AM | Angus Skinner

    With love from Scotland. Her brother's brave words and the photo of the two 12-year old friends brought a tear, and thoughts.
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  • 03 Jun 2014 1:23 PM | Nicholas Hall
    Sending much love and positive thoughts to you and your family, Lucy. I and the entire MAPP community are here for you, for as long as you need.
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  • 03 Jun 2014 4:18 PM | Kathryn Britton (Administrator)
    Lucy, Trevor, Ed, and Paddy,

    My heart is heavy with the feeling of loss of such a bright young spirit. So much humor, whimsy, and joy comes through in her photos.

    At the same time, I am uplifted by your generosity and compassion for the driver. For him, what a weight to carry. I hold you all in my personal collection of heroes for letting your love flow out to include his suffering along with your own.

    When I lost a friend in a traffic accident in 2010, one of the researchers I consulted when I was trying to figure out how to help her husband and daughter made the point, "They may find it relieving to speak to others who have gone through similar losses 'in that such persons were able to understand their feelings without having to explain them in words.'" I have experienced 5 deaths of young people close to my family over the last few years. Thinking about Abi has brought them all to the surface, which is painful because of re-experiencing the losses, but still a blessing to remember them.

    Holding you in my thoughts. I know you are surrounded by a loving community. I know you don't have answers to the question we are all thinking, "What can we do to help?" But if a way arises, I would be honored to be here for you.

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  • 03 Jun 2014 5:30 PM | Maria Silva-Baker
    Dear Lucy and family,
    Sending prayers and love. I am in awe with the love and compassion your family has. The beautiful smiles of your kids' pictures are in my heart. May our 10 pm daily prayers from the MAPP community let you feel our love and care. Hugs and blessing, Maria.
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  • 03 Jun 2014 7:06 PM | Caroline Miller
    Lucy and family: I'm so, so sad to read about your beautiful little girl's unfortunate passing. Abi looks like a girl who brought other-worldly light and life to others in the too-short time she was here, and I hope that savoring memories of her fills part of the hole that will always be in your hearts. I send you all of my love and compassion during this terribly hard time.
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  • 03 Jun 2014 7:43 PM | Lisa Jacobson
    Sending love across the miles to you and your family.
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  • 04 Jun 2014 7:44 AM | Margaret H. Greenberg
    May you, your husband, and sons, and the rest of your family and friends find strength in your/their memories of your beautiful daughter Ali.
    Love, Margaret
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  • 04 Jun 2014 9:06 AM | Renee Jain
    Dear Lucy and beautiful family,

    We are all touched by the grace of your family and wishing you much love and lightness of being during this time. Sending you a big hug,

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  • 04 Jun 2014 9:22 AM | Louisa Jewell
    Dear Lucy,
    I am so deeply sorry about Abi's tragic passing and the passing of your dear friends. I am sending you love from my heart and my arms outstretched with a big warm Canadian hug. I wish for you strength and healing. You and your family will all be in my prayers. Just from her pictures I can see she lived vibrantly during her time here with you. Abi's star will shine brightly in heaven as an angel from above. Much love. Louisa xo
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  • 04 Jun 2014 12:10 PM | Elizabeth Elizardi
    Dearest Lucy,
    It is hard to find the right words to comfort you during this time, so I'll send a feeling instead. At our last onsite for MAPP 5 we stood in a closing circle, holding hands, looking at the faces in our special community, listening and singing along to "Stand By Me". My wish is that you will feel that moment of love of your MAPP family and it will find a special place in your heart- a little nook to rest in- that you can call upon for years to come. I will stand by you and we will stand by you. Your love and kindness is an example to us all.

    Last year I visited with a family friend on the anniversary of her son's death. Like Abi, he was tragically killed while crossing a street at a football game. He was nine. I gave my friend Kate a hug and asked her how in the world she ever overcame the grief of losing a child. She wisely said that there is not a day that goes by that she doesn't think about Andrew, but her only choice was to overcome because her four other children and her husband needed her. Your purpose lives on and the world is a more beautiful place with you in it, Lucy. I have visions of Robin holding Abi in her arms and telling you that she is safe and loved.

    Love and blessings to you,
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  • 05 Jun 2014 9:49 PM | Denise Quinlan
    Dear Luce,
    I dedicated the presentation I gave to 160 youth workers yesterday to Abi and all the Hone family. I talked about how we can look for and recognise what's right with young people. I gave my very best. 160 youth workers are thinking of you and doing better work for you.
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  • 08 Jun 2014 3:08 PM | Jan Stanley
    You, Abi, your family and the Summerfields have been in my heart and in my mind since I heard the terrible news. I have been remembering the wonderful day that you and I toured historic Philadelphia - a beautiful, sunshiny May day in 2010. I can remember the energy and zest coming from you on that day that we shared, and I know that this strength of being so enthusiastically engaged with the world, as well as your many other strengths, will help see you though these weeks and months ahead.

    I also remember our lovely Skype calls and how we connected around poetry and the outdoors. I hope you will find comfort in both going forward, when the time is right.

    Seneca said, "In the presence of death, we must continue to sing the song of life." Your song is beautiful, Lucy, and you have the songs of so many joining in with you - those closest to you in Sumner, and also those of many, many more of us from around the world.

    May we all raise our voices as one in love.

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  • 09 Jun 2014 8:59 AM | Carin Rockind
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and the Summerfields. I am so sorry for your loss. Abi was clearly a beautiful, radiant soul. We are all sending you so much love!
    Carin Rockind
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  • 09 Jun 2014 12:26 PM | Angus Skinner
    The spirit and compassion in her eyes shines through. Thinking of you and this tragic loss.
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  • 10 Jun 2014 11:01 PM | Sherri Fisher
    Dearest Lucy, Trevor, Ed and Paddy--
    My deepest wish is that I could relieve the pain of your crushing tragedy, at least a little. With that in mind I have asked for prayers for you to be said at the Ashram where I practice yoga and meditation on the US east coast. Prayers are said all day, so that when you are in darkness of any kind, here someone is always thinking of you in compassion, praying for you and Abi, and bringing all of you closer to the light. With love, Sherri
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  • 24 Jun 2014 11:33 AM | Katrina Calihan
    Lucy - you're in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Love from MAPP9, Katrina
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  • 12 Jul 2014 12:15 PM | Cathy Parsons (Administrator)
    Dear Lucy: After the death of a loved one the messages come pouring in to provide some sustenance as you attempt to carry on without the one you loved. I'm sure that has been the case since you lost Abi. I purposely held back my comments at the time because honestly as a mother, I felt overwhelmed myself and did not want to convey that in my message. But mostly, because I wanted to share my thoughts with you later when you might not be getting as many messages of support. My heart swells with sadness for your loss and also with an unlimited supply of compassionate energy for you and your family. I know that Abi lives with you daily in your hearts and in your minds and I hope that brings you comfort and fortitude. Most sincerely and with heartfelt sympathy, Cathy Parsons
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