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Upcoming events

    • 26 Jul 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom Webinar: The link to join will be sent to those that register

    Why don't I do what I know I need to? Immunity to Change and the 4-Column Exercise

    with David Zeitler, PhD

    Change is hard, especially for adults! Why? Because we've already made the easy changes. Change, even toward a better future, challenges the careful balance we have built in our lives. Balancing our wants against each other. Balancing taking care of others and taking care of ourselves. Balancing responsibility and freedom. Balancing action and reflection. Of course, once we settle on a balance, the confirmation bias kicks in to pile up evidence that it is the ONLY balance. The Immunity to Change model developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey of Harvard has, for many years, been a powerful tool helping individuals and groups discover where the balances they have made are holding them back and then carefully test out ways to re-balance so they can grow and get more of what they want. (Or, short form: it's been "increasing the total tonnage of happiness in the world"!) David Zeitler has worked closely with Drs. Kegan and Lahey in implementing the model and it's discovery exercise, "The 4-Column Exercise." Join us to learn about this powerful tool and how you can put it to use in your life and Positive Psych applications!


      For almost fifteen years, David has been supporting individuals, teams, and organizations to make efficient and sustainable change. With clients around the globe and near his home & office in Philadelphia, PA David leads change workshops, writes, and coaches. He is the president and principal coach for Zeitler Executive Dynamix, a firm that uses only evidence based methods to serve its clients.

      David is also a Senior Associate for Minds at Work, a Cambridge, MA based coaching and consulting firm founded by Harvard chair of Adult Learning & Professional Development Robert Kegan and Harvard professor Lisa Lahey. There, he helps train Immunity to Change coaches and is helping to grow and extend the influence of this revolutionary method through several different types of media.

      Formerly, David was an Associate Trainer for Integral Institute; Assistant Director of the Integral Psychotherapy Center; and spent many years in fine dining as a server. Immediately upon graduating from college he purchased an interest in a fledgling company, Student Enterprises Driveway Sealing, and would grow that organization in two states in order to support his enrollment into graduate school.

      Registration is free for Supporting and Lifetime members of the MAPP Alumni Association.  

      Registration for Basic members costs $20.  Want to get this webinar for free?   You can pay the $49.95 dues now to become a supporting member. You'll get free registration for this webinar and for other continuing education webinars coming up in the next 12 months.  

      Registration for the general public costs $25.

      • 16 Aug 2018
      • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
      • Zoom Webinar: The link to join will be sent to those that register

      Systems Informed Positive Psychology

      with Peggy Kern, PhD

      Despite massive growth and success over the past two decades, positive psychology has been criticized for ignoring the impact of context and life experiences, incorporating circular reasoning and tautological assertions, among numerous other criticisms. Theories and models are increasingly becoming more nuanced and sophisticated, but we suggest that for positive psychology to mature as a science, it needs to move beyond constraints imposed by traditional approaches to research.

      Systems science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the nature of systems in nature, society, and in science itself. It emphasizes dynamic interrelationships over time, multiple perspectives, boundaries, complexity, feedback, consequences, dynamic associations, and constant change. We suggest that infusing positive psych with perspectives, tools, and frameworks from systems science – an approach that we call Systems Informed Positive Psychology (SIPP) – can enable positive psychology to more effectively cultivate the wellbeing of not only individuals, but of human social systems.

      In this session, Peggy will introduce SIPP, providing several existing examples and opening a conversation on potential applications and implications.


      Dr Peggy Kern is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Positive Psychology within the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education. Originally trained in social, personality, and developmental psychology, Peggy received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, a masters and PhD in social/ personality psychology from the University of California, Riverside, and postdoctoral training from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on understanding, measuring, and supporting wellbeing across the lifespan. She incorporates a lifespan perspective, mixed methodologies, and interdisciplinary collaboration. She has published 2 books and over 70 peer-reviewed articles and chapters. You can find out more about Peggy’s work at www.peggykern.org

      Registration is free for Supporting and Lifetime members of the MAPP Alumni Association.  

      Registration for Basic members costs $20.  Want to get this webinar for free?   You can pay the $49.95 dues now to become a supporting member. You'll get free registration for this webinar and for other continuing education webinars coming up in the next 12 months.  

      Registration for the general public costs $25.

      • 26 Oct 2018
      • 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
      • Diamond Ridge Camp, Free transportation to and from Penn campus will be provided throughout the day.

      We asked MAPPsters from various years what they enjoyed most about the Fete. They told us three things:

      1. connecting with old friends
      2. making new ones
      3. learning how others put Positive Psychology into practice. 

      We listened! 

      This year’s Fete will focus on connection and experiential learning with a new format and location. Think broaden and build + high quality connections + other people matter + the A in MAPP! We're calling it Camp Fete: A Day of Connection and Experience... And we need you!  

      Free busing to and from Diamond Ridge Camp from UPenn, 8:30 AM - 6 PM (buses running throughout the day).

      Call for proposals! 

      We need alumni to suggest and lead positive psychology activities for our 2018 Fete.  Respond to the Camp Fete Call for Proposals by July 15.   

      Activities should be:

      • Related to a Positive Psychology theme
      • Hands-on and experiential (can also include a short discussion/debrief, but please emphasize the experience)

      Other details can be found on the Camp Fete Call for Proposals.

    Past events

    14 Jun 2018 Positive Psychology and Money: interventions that shift from money anxieties to wellbeing in eastern and western cultures with Pradnya Surana
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    20 Apr 2018 Happiness Studies with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
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    30 Nov 2017 Rebuilding Meaning after a Work-Related Trauma with Sally Maitlis
    19 Oct 2017 Character Strengths Update - Nuances and Applications with Dr. Ryan Niemiec
    21 Sep 2017 Psychological Capital: Recognizing and Developing the HERO Within with Fred Luthans, Ph.D.
    17 Aug 2017 Psychology: The Least Reproducible Science? with Neuro Skeptic
    20 Jul 2017 Change Your Questions, Change Your Results with Marilee Adams, Ph.D.
    22 Jun 2017 The Cycles of Change in our Lives with Pam McLean, PhD.
    18 May 2017 Positive Experiential Cartography: Mapping Wellbeing through the Study of 'UIntranslatable' words with Tim Lomas, PhD.
    21 Mar 2017 Scott Sonenshein on: The Science of Being Resourceful: Success and Achievement by Making the Most of What You Have
    02 Mar 2017 Measuring the Health and Well-Being of Populations through Social Media with Johannes Eichstaedt, PhD candidate
    26 Jan 2017 Encouraging Generalization from Success Using a Directed Abstraction Writing Intervention with Pete Zunick, PhD Candidate
    17 Nov 2016 Hope as a shared resource: The case of the 1972 plane crash in the Andes with Spencer Harrison, PhD
    27 Oct 2016 Applied Compassion: Beyond Warm and Fuzzy - Overcoming Obstacles, Encountering Shadows with Monica Worline PhD
    21 Oct 2016 MAPP Fete Social 2016
    22 Sep 2016 Respect at Work with Kristie Rogers PhD
    18 Aug 2016 Heroic Humility: How Humble Models Can Contribute to Better Relationships and a More Civil Political Process with Everett Worthington PhD
    25 Jul 2016 Applied CAVE: Assessing Explanatory Style through Content Analysis of Verbatim Explanations with Greg Quinting, PhD
    30 Jun 2016 Primal World Beliefs: Mapping a Final Frontier of the Cognitive Revolution Finds that Safety is Not Enough with Jer Clifton
    19 May 2016 The Impact of Spirituality and Meditation on Health - Amy Wachholtz, Ph.D., M.Div., MS
    21 Apr 2016 Sustainable Work - Mari Kira, PhD
    17 Mar 2016 New Science of Compassion in Organizations - Monica Worline, PhD
    18 Feb 2016 The Benefits of Feedback For Creative Work and The Principles For Giving Feedback For Creativity ~ Spencer Harrison
    10 Dec 2015 Applying Insights into Learning from Success: The LiftExchange.com Application ~ Ryan Quinn (12-10-15)
    05 Nov 2015 Insights into Learning from Success: Appreciative Inquiry and the Genetic Algorithm ~ Ryan Quinn (11/5/15)
    16 Oct 2015 MAPP Fete Social
    16 Oct 2015 MAPP Alumni Fete 2015
    17 Sep 2015 Boost Strength and Resilience by Cultivating Positive Identities ~ Jane Dutton (9/17/15)
    23 Jul 2015 Change the Music, Change the Dance ~ Bob Quinn (7/23/15)
    26 Jun 2015 IPPA Gathering
    18 Jun 2015 The Power of Being Present ~ Mel Rudd (6/18/15)
    04 Jun 2015 Positive Guidance ~ Jolanta Burke (6/4/15)
    22 Apr 2015 Positive Leadership Game ~ Gretchen Spreitzer
    02 Apr 2015 The benefits of frequent wellbeing assessments by Aaron Jarden
    15 Jan 2015 Science of Human Values ~ Dr. Mark Konty
    12 Dec 2014 How to be a good listener ~ Kate Muir
    18 Oct 2014 MAPP Summit 2014
    17 Oct 2014 MAPP Fete Dinner
    17 Oct 2014 MAPP Alumni Fete 2014
    10 Oct 2014 Traits are only a Sliver of Who We Are ~ Todd Kashdan
    12 Sep 2014 Large Scale Change at the Level of Communities, States, and Nations ~ with Clare Huntington
    05 Jul 2014 Applied Positive Psychology for Coaching, Leadership and Business
    27 Jun 2014 The Power of Positive Emotions and Love: How a Positive Attitude can change your Life
    13 Jun 2014 MAPP CPE: Raising Achievement By Promoting Adaptive Beliefs by Jacquie Beaubien
    12 Jun 2014 Wellbeing and Public Policy
    06 May 2014 A Dose of Positive Psychology for Psychiatry
    02 Apr 2014 Happiness at Work: Measure it for Success
    24 Mar 2014 Exploring the Role of Environmental Coherence in the Experience of Meaning - Samantha Heintzelman
    11 Feb 2014 Positive Diversity by Donna Hemmert
    14 Jan 2014 Profit from the Positive Webinar
    12 Dec 2013 Psychological Barriers to Success for Students by Carissa Romero
    04 Dec 2013 Join the Firestarter movement: Help create a MAPP superorganism
    07 Nov 2013 Positive Diversity by Donna Hemmert
    30 Oct 2013 Improv for the Business Stage by Kat Koppett
    26 Oct 2013 MAPP Summit 2013
    25 Oct 2013 MAPP Alumni Fete 2013
    01 Oct 2013 How Understanding Lawyer Personalities Can Help Coaches, Colleagues, and Co-Habitors By Larry Richard
    29 Sep 2013 MAPP Firestarter Meetup - Boston Area
    27 Sep 2013 Harvard Coaching Conference
    26 Sep 2013 MAPP Firestarter Meetup Online
    12 Sep 2013 MAPP Firestarter Meetup - Carolinas
    30 Jul 2013 MAPP Firestarter Meetup - NYC Area
    30 Jul 2013 Build Buzz for your Business by Leslie Hughes
    21 Jul 2013 MAPP Firestarter Meetup - DC Area
    29 Jun 2013 MAPP Firestarter Meetup at IPPA - Lunch
    27 Jun 2013 IPPA Third World Congress
    26 Jun 2013 MAPP Firestarter Meetup at IPPA (cocktails & dinner)
    18 Jun 2013 MAPP Firestarter Meetup Online
    19 Jun 2013 Happiness and its Causes
    22 May 2013 The 2nd International Conference on Positive Psychology in the Czech Republic (CPPC 2013)
    17 May 2013 1st International Conference on Positive Psychology in Poland
    25 Apr 2013 Work and Well-being
    25 Apr 2013 National Convention on Positive Psychology
    12 Apr 2013 Living and Leading to Well-being Conference
    04 Apr 2013 MAPP Firestarter
    20 Oct 2012 MAPP Summit 2012
    19 Oct 2012 MAPP Alumni Fete
    22 Oct 2010 MAPP Summit 2010
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