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Upcoming events

    • 26 Oct 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
    • Diamond Ridge Camp, Free transportation to and from Penn campus will be provided throughout the day.

    We asked MAPPsters from various years what they enjoyed most about the Fete. They told us three things:

    1. connecting with old friends
    2. making new ones
    3. learning how others put Positive Psychology into practice. 

    We listened! 

    This year’s Fete will focus on connection and experiential learning with a new format and location. Think broaden and build + high quality connections + other people matter + the A in MAPP! We're calling it Camp Fete: A Day of Connection and Experience... And we need you!  

    Free busing to and from Diamond Ridge Camp from UPenn, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM (buses running throughout the day).



    • Now - Sept 30: $70 Dues-paying Members / $85 Non-dues-paying Alumni
    • Oct 1 - Oct 26: $75 Dues-paying Members / $105 Non-dues-paying Alumni

    Post-Fete Happy Hour(s)


         This year’s Fete will focus on connection and experiential learning. Think broaden and build + high-quality connections + other people matter + the A in MAPP! With that in mind, here are answers to some of your most burning Fete questions...

    0.    Where do I stay in Philadelphia?

    We have arranged a limited number of rooms at two hotels near Penn for the Fete/Summit weekend.  You can find information on the Hotel Summit/Fete 2018 page.  Act quickly, since the number of rooms really is limited.  Otherwise there are the usual options (AirBnB, Club Quarters, hotels, friends.)

    1.    What is not changing from previous years?

    The Fete’s goals remain the same: connecting with old friends, meeting new ones, and learning how fellow MAPPsters implement positive psychology in the world. We will still have a lot of fun together, and learn from each other, and deepen our connections with old friends and new.

    2.    What makes this Fete Different?

    Rather than simply talking about how to use Positive Psychology in different settings, this Fete will focus on seeing and experiencing PP in action with both “neck-up” and “neck-down” activities!

    3.     What if I am not a “Camp person”?

    Don’t worry! We are going TO A camp, not going TO camp (though there will be S’mores). Activities are designed around learning, inclusion, and comfort. There will be no physically strenuous activities. A key learning goal for the Fete will be, “How to ensure psychological (and social) safety when leading groups. There will be no canoeing, ropes course or dodgeball...

    Examples of activities include a new type of Positive Introduction, teamwork-developing exercises, body language skills training, innovative coaching techniques, and new meditation exercises and food rituals.

    4.    What kind of experiences should I expect?

    The activities will all be designed around positive psychology themes, including building high-quality connections, exploring positive interventions, developing communication tools, and providing new ways to explain positive psychology concepts. We did many such activities in MAPP, like Positive Introductions and brown bag Savoring Kits.

    The Fete will include activities like techniques that foster mindfulness and connection (at the same time!), interactive demonstrations of fun coaching techniques, team-building exercises from Wharton, hands-on ways to teach flow and growth mindset using rubber bands and pointing, icebreakers, microhedonics, team design thinking challenges, and group bonding exercises.

    5.      Will this be rustic? Will we be outdoors? How about heat? Is this remote and are there clean adult facilities?

    Again, comfort is key! The camp has heated buildings that are large enough for our entire group, with clean bathrooms and everything! Without being overly fancy, the facility is also used for corporate day retreats and wedding rehearsal dinners. We may spend a little time outdoors, weather permitting, for a walk or an elective activity. Most of our activities will be inside. Even if it rains, we will be dry and comfortable.

    6.     How will we get to the camp location?

    There will be (coach) buses making trips to and from UPenn. (The exact departure location is still TBD). You are also welcome to drive independently.

    7.     Where is the location of the Fete?

    Diamond Ridge Camp, 1965 Deer Run Dr, Jamison, PA 18929.

    8.     What time does the Fete begin and end?


    • 8:30 AM: Buses (coach) depart from Philadelphia (place TBD)
    • 9:15 AM: Arrival time at Diamond Ridge Camp (for both the buses and independent drivers)
    • 9:30 AM: Events launch!
    • 5:30 PM: Buses arrive back in Philadelphia

    9.     What if I am running late? Or need to leave early?

    A bus will be available from Penn (place TBD) for latecomers at 10:30 AM, and buses go back to Philadelphia at several points during the day. We will provide a contact number to help anyone who is arriving after the 10:30 AM bus to help them facilitate an Uber or, if possible, a ride with another MAPPster. For those who want to drive, there is ample parking.

    10.     What meals will be provided?

    We will provide danishes and coffee in the AM upon arrival, lunch (and dessert), and snacks in the PM before departure. High-quality coffee and tea will be available all day. You are welcome to bring your own food as well if you have any dietary restrictions or special preferences.

    11.    What if I am a vegetarian or vegan?

    There will be vegetarian & vegan alternatives throughout the day.

    12.    What should I wear?

    Casual, comfortable clothes (jeans, t-shirt or comfortable long sleeve shirt, sneakers, etc.), and a sweatshirt or jacket. While we-we won’t be playing touch football or anything, some activities (e.g. yoga energy breaks) will involve movement. Rain gear is a good idea - though if it’s raining, we would only be moving between buildings, not doing outdoor activities.

    13.    Will there be an evening party in Philadelphia? How much extra will it cost to go, and do I need to sign up?

    Yes! We are exploring locations. More details to come...

    14.      OK, this sounds great! I still have questions…

    Help your fellow MAPPsters by sharing your questions, thoughts or concerns – so we can provide not only you, but everyone with more answers like these. Email us at schainmanken@gmail.com or skokores@gmail.com.

Past events

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30 Apr 2018 Thinking About the Future and Behavior Change with Dr. Gabriele Oettingen
20 Apr 2018 Happiness Studies with Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
15 Mar 2018 MAPP Somatics: Let Me Hear Your Body Talk with Elaine O’Brien, Ph.D., MAPP, CAPP
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30 Nov 2017 Rebuilding Meaning after a Work-Related Trauma with Sally Maitlis
19 Oct 2017 Character Strengths Update - Nuances and Applications with Dr. Ryan Niemiec
21 Sep 2017 Psychological Capital: Recognizing and Developing the HERO Within with Fred Luthans, Ph.D.
17 Aug 2017 Psychology: The Least Reproducible Science? with Neuro Skeptic
20 Jul 2017 Change Your Questions, Change Your Results with Marilee Adams, Ph.D.
22 Jun 2017 The Cycles of Change in our Lives with Pam McLean, PhD.
18 May 2017 Positive Experiential Cartography: Mapping Wellbeing through the Study of 'UIntranslatable' words with Tim Lomas, PhD.
21 Mar 2017 Scott Sonenshein on: The Science of Being Resourceful: Success and Achievement by Making the Most of What You Have
02 Mar 2017 Measuring the Health and Well-Being of Populations through Social Media with Johannes Eichstaedt, PhD candidate
26 Jan 2017 Encouraging Generalization from Success Using a Directed Abstraction Writing Intervention with Pete Zunick, PhD Candidate
17 Nov 2016 Hope as a shared resource: The case of the 1972 plane crash in the Andes with Spencer Harrison, PhD
27 Oct 2016 Applied Compassion: Beyond Warm and Fuzzy - Overcoming Obstacles, Encountering Shadows with Monica Worline PhD
21 Oct 2016 MAPP Fete Social 2016
22 Sep 2016 Respect at Work with Kristie Rogers PhD
18 Aug 2016 Heroic Humility: How Humble Models Can Contribute to Better Relationships and a More Civil Political Process with Everett Worthington PhD
25 Jul 2016 Applied CAVE: Assessing Explanatory Style through Content Analysis of Verbatim Explanations with Greg Quinting, PhD
30 Jun 2016 Primal World Beliefs: Mapping a Final Frontier of the Cognitive Revolution Finds that Safety is Not Enough with Jer Clifton
19 May 2016 The Impact of Spirituality and Meditation on Health - Amy Wachholtz, Ph.D., M.Div., MS
21 Apr 2016 Sustainable Work - Mari Kira, PhD
17 Mar 2016 New Science of Compassion in Organizations - Monica Worline, PhD
18 Feb 2016 The Benefits of Feedback For Creative Work and The Principles For Giving Feedback For Creativity ~ Spencer Harrison
10 Dec 2015 Applying Insights into Learning from Success: The LiftExchange.com Application ~ Ryan Quinn (12-10-15)
05 Nov 2015 Insights into Learning from Success: Appreciative Inquiry and the Genetic Algorithm ~ Ryan Quinn (11/5/15)
16 Oct 2015 MAPP Fete Social
16 Oct 2015 MAPP Alumni Fete 2015
17 Sep 2015 Boost Strength and Resilience by Cultivating Positive Identities ~ Jane Dutton (9/17/15)
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26 Jun 2015 IPPA Gathering
18 Jun 2015 The Power of Being Present ~ Mel Rudd (6/18/15)
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27 Jun 2014 The Power of Positive Emotions and Love: How a Positive Attitude can change your Life
13 Jun 2014 MAPP CPE: Raising Achievement By Promoting Adaptive Beliefs by Jacquie Beaubien
12 Jun 2014 Wellbeing and Public Policy
06 May 2014 A Dose of Positive Psychology for Psychiatry
02 Apr 2014 Happiness at Work: Measure it for Success
24 Mar 2014 Exploring the Role of Environmental Coherence in the Experience of Meaning - Samantha Heintzelman
11 Feb 2014 Positive Diversity by Donna Hemmert
14 Jan 2014 Profit from the Positive Webinar
12 Dec 2013 Psychological Barriers to Success for Students by Carissa Romero
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22 May 2013 The 2nd International Conference on Positive Psychology in the Czech Republic (CPPC 2013)
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